April 23, 2009

BoomShine / Chain Rxn

Recently i saw my friends on facebook is playing this mini, simple, highly addictive flash game. Is call Chain Rxn on facebook.

Chain Rxn

Well, erm, u not actually "play", but is just a game to relax.

"Click the screen to start a chain reaction and try to explode as many dots as needed to pass a level" as simple as that =)


After playing that facebook version, i suggest you to play this version which i found years ago. Is call the BoomShine. Well, is just the same thing, but the ball in boomshine is move more slowly and make this game harder compare to Chain Rxn.

my result


So, go check this game out, relax, release stress... play the BoomShine version, is better. you know why if you play facebook Chain Rxn before. And BoomShine load faster too. hah.

Chain Rxn, BoomShine


Anonymous said...

Here's a nice trick on how to get a very high score: http://chain-rxn.blogspot.com

tom said...

Check out this great Chain Rxn tips guide http://www.blog.freeiphone4me.co.uk/index.php/2009/05/chain-rxn-facebook-cheats-tips/

Mitch Mounts said...

Chain Rxn is a definite rip off of Boomshine and Facebook does not seem to care. I'm sorry to bother you like this, but I've been on talking terms with Tim Halbert, the guy who made the song for Boomshine, and I know that Danny Miller is very much unhappy with Chain Rxn, yet Facebook will not even talk to him. Please just spread the knowledge

Anonymous said...

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