April 15, 2009

Sushi King Bonanza

Haha, sushi againnnn~ went to sushi king with friend yesterday because there is a RM2 per plate promotion~~ BONANZA~

I went IOI mall with 3 friends, lee, inez and meng, too bad wai cannot make it on time. So ar, only RICE-BASED sushi is RM2. So make sure you see whether got rice only take, don't act like my sister = =, eat already, paid, only know = ='

1 more things, try to avoid lunch or dinner times, because it is "people mountain people sea" de lerr~

We went there around 2+pm and still there are quite a lot of people.

The ONLY prawn tempura sushi i get~!!

I didn't take many sushi picture, because is same old sushi, nothing much. But what i can tell is... sushi king's sushi is getting... how to say, low in quality = =' Ok, that's my opinion, sorry sushi king lover.

I ate 11 plates~~ this pic only show 10. haha

The purple(rm6) and red(rm5) plate is hard to get~~~ 10++ plate can vanish on the conveyor belt before reaching your area! Luckily we seated quite near on beginning of sushi counter.

I have no idea why my friend is eating so less sushi that day, "missing standard" already. Haha, so i am the winning that day~(not a competition also) 11 plates~

Total 35 plates~ 4 people.


Raymond said...

too many ppl....hmmmm....

+#ARME$T+ said...

humm i kinda scared coz last time sushi king made the same offer be4 and i went be4 when they offering RM2 for all sushi item when i and my fren eat liao come back need to c doc .... becoz of food poisoning ... when they offer agian i dun dare go liao ..... haizzz


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