April 13, 2009

Cigarette Box

The conversation goes like this....

Dad: hoe, get me a pack of cigarette.

Me: What cigarette?
Dad: Marlboro.

Me: Marlboro light, original, menthol or menthol light?
Dad: Original.

Me: 20's? 14's?
Dad: 20's

Me: Soft pack or hard pack?
Dad: Hard.

Me: Lung cancer, mouth cancer, neck cancer, miscarriage, premature birth or gangrene?
Dad: .............

ok.. i made up this conversation.. hahah~

I am kinda impressed malaysia government will put these picture on the cigarette box, but i personally think it wont be very effective.

How often you hear something like this....

"wa, i didnt know that smoking cause so many cancer, and this picture look terrible~ i am going to stop smoking right now~!!"


bd fabregas said...

the gudang garam cigarette box didn't have that picture on the cover..

+#ARME$T+ said...

it wont be very effective. unless our goverment have increase the price of cigarette coz if the cigarette price increase so i guess many ppl will took cigarette less....

Franch said...

lol...at first i thought the conversation with your dad was real. Dad PAWNED lol.

TOLANIC.com said...

The cigarette box nowadays looks very ugly and makes me think twice.

Willicious said...

you got smoke de mer


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