April 2, 2009


Its here~

Leko from IKEA~ tada.....

Its fake = =' April Fools.

Well well well, Leko is not a car, but then instead of just being a April fools joke, IKEA did come out something.

Is called, Covoiturage. Its mean "carpool" after translated.

I am not very sure what is this about, because is in french = =. But probably is a website where you can find someone is going to IKEA too, by posting your own details whether you are passenger or driver, so you can meet up with them go happy happy go IKEA buy things lo~

..... but seems very dangerous, to ride someone car = = or maybe is the people from IKEA? and is just my guessing actually, hah. If you want to know more about this service, click the link below, if you can understand. hah.



jolenesiah said...

lol... good idea :D

Voss said...

lol... good idea :D


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