April 16, 2009

FF 13 Demo Gameplay

Is available now~~!! The FF13 demo is come together in the FF: Advance Children complete box~ If you wan to see the demo, u dont need a ps3, or u dont need to fly to Japan and get the complete box, because you have youtube~

The FF: Advance Children is available TODAY, 16 April, but there is already a leak demo gameplay on youtube yesterday. This demo contain a complete CG opening and fighting demo. So........ SPOILER WARNING~~!!

Part 1

hey hey, this type of battle system only can call as FF series de ma~ i think is quite similar to "chrono cross"? haha (i personally dont like ff12's battle system)

Part 2

Part 3

I can't wait to play FF13~~~!!!

1 comment:

e l d y said...

wow, tat clip .. haha
I hav an idea 4 u bro .. just @my recently post



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