April 3, 2009

Japananese Buffet Tenji Restaurant

Yeah, finally get a chance to eat at Tenji~ and i went there twice in a week(omg~).... promotion ma~ la la la~ To celebrate my mom birthday, we went to Tenji on 28th for supper, together with my sister's children~

The buffet start on 9.30 and we arrive around 9.15, and we only saw a crowded entrance with a loooooooong queue. I want to take a photo on how many people there but is too dark there, because is still Earth Hour at that time~

mei mei~ Amanda

And... i didn't take much photo because we are busy eating... and all photo we take is on the children... haha = =

lol, almost finish only take pic, a bit of everything

Steam fish head

hmm... i take a lot of food picture using my bro in law camera, but then after he transfer photo to pc few day later.... i only get these 2 food picture = ='

Ryan with coconut~

Amanda turn~ lol..... kids...

The queue to the "Kingdom of Häagen-Dazs", scary = =

My sis and her children

That is all on 28th supper, total of 3 hours to dine and i need to wake up early the next day for work, so we also go back early.

And now, the 2nd round~ 31th March~ i go with 10 of my friends that day for lunch in Tenji.

The girls, Inez, Lily, Hui Ling, Samantha

The guys, Kah Wai, Wan Lee, Jensen, Wee Meng

Is almost 11.30 and only 2 couple there beside us waiting at the entrance

Meeting about strategies on how to get food later = = I am that fat orange shirt guy.

Foods time~


Sushi counter

Teppanyaki display counter

Salmon~~ My favorite~ fresh, sweet

Assorted sashimi

Unagi, love it

Beef with roast potatoes, the roast potato is nice

Lamb, a bit tough on the meat

Vegetable, fresh, crunchy, sweet.

This ar... i remember is sweet potato with strawberry... i didn't try this. haha.

Chocolate fondue

Dessert Station, so many~

They out of stock on the small coconut, and we had this instead.

Häagen-Dazs ice cream FTW~~~

Too bad they only have 6 ice cream flavour. Love Belgium Chocolate~~


Group picture

Ling, Thomas, Samantha

Meng, Wai, Hieng, Lee, Hoe

Ok, Since lot of people comparing between Tenji and Jogoya, i have a small conclusion. I personally think Tenji is better for a japanese buffet. Although Tenji have less varieties on the food, food in Jogoya seems to be tasteless nowadays. Tenji offer a better quality on food, fresh and tasty. Well, i think i will visit Tenji again.... when there is a promotion, haha.

*photo grab from jensen, samantha, meng and wai.


vivalive said...

hi...u know Inez?is she ur coursemate?

vivalive said...

well..u nang my post in innit n i am visiting back.

Inez were my secondary school classmate..but din contact her for few years dy...

Willicious said...

Amanda still so cuteeee roarrrrrrr

+#ARME$T+ said...

lol good review ..... anyways amanda so cute ^^ haha


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