November 6, 2008

1st post~

Before i start, just a brief intro about myself, name: panda; gender: male. finish. Haha, ok, i m (a bit)fat and (a bit)short with a very dark eye circles, that i bet you that i have the darkest eye circles u ever seen. aahaha(so proud)~

Ok... so this is my very first blog post and i dont know what to write at all, aha~ anyway, due to many friends of mine have their own blog, and getting more n more nowadays, i decided follow the trend(i m so outdated~) and start my own blog~

Anyway, i will post almost anything happens around me. I will try to make things interesting and hope i can update often.


Willicious said...

yalo, u win liao lo,
the darkest eye circle i've seen so far in my life, hahahh

metalpanda said...

yeah~ i won i won~ give me presents~ haha, thx for being the 1st who leave comment~ aha~

Willicious said...

yooohoooo~ I'm the fist to leave comment, where is my prize? heehe

Anonymous said...

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