November 11, 2008


Ever heard of idog? ifish? Well, SONY Rolly beats them all.


It is not just a device that detect music and dance like idog, but Rolly is also a music player and dance while you listen to song~

2 speakers on the side

Well, Rolly dance in different motion based on the song you plays. And with with different led lights too...

Rolly supports playback of mp3 and AAC files, with built-in 2GB memory and bluetooth audio streaming~ so you can plays your song from pc or mobile phone and make Rolly dance~

Turn upper wheel to change song, lower wheel to adjust volumn, shake Rolly to shuffle songs.

You can also create your own motions with the 'Motion Editor' and share with others, or download created motions from other.

Enough say and see Rolly in action~ commercial

1 more things, this Rolly come in a high price u know... around 2k... yes. 2K.


1 comment:

Willicious said...

I can't found anything that attract me with this new gadget

n it's expensive! hehe


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