November 8, 2008

Dragon Ball Movie

I bet everyone knew this movie will be coming out soon.

Dragon Ball Movie

From my opinion, it just doesn't feel right when "ang mo" is acting in a japanese famous manga/anime. But who knows, maybe ang mo will act better ler?

Justin Chatwin as "Goku"

Ok, just a small update i found on internet, a leaked picture from the movie. I cant directly post the picture on here, because the website will request me to remove the picture. Instead, i posting the picture here.


........... Goku in "Super Saiyan Ape" form

I dont know what to say anymore... its look like an ALIEN more than an APE ba~~!!

I hope the movie dont change much from the original anime. please~?

1 comment:

Willicious said...

omgggg, must be very damn kao funny lo, but i'll watch it, haahha


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