November 9, 2008

Wallpaper (Free)

Feel bored and tired of watching this everyday?

Well.... maybe is time to change to something like this~

Ok, there are moreeee of this super duper, beautiful, fantastic, magnificent, amazing high resolution FREE wallpaper on this website.

Found this web and i just want to share these super duper, beautiful...(abbreviate)...wallpaper. These wallpaper also provide different resolution/ size for your computer (eg. wide screen / full screen). So, feel free to click the links below and change your wallpaper today~ LOL.

17 Fantastic Free Wallpaper
21 Magnificent High Resolution Free Wallpaper
13 Fantastic Free Wallpaper
15 Amazing Free Wallpaper
14 High Resolution Wallpaper


Gromit said...

thanks your nice wallpaper sharing
is it free?

metalpanda said...

yup, totally free, click the link to c more and download from there~

Willicious said...

I love da wallpaper, thanks for sharing =)


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