November 14, 2008

Blue Sunglasses

I love to eat

Especially when i cant resist myself from the food temptation.... i eat a looooot.

What to do when you cant resist the food and want to slim down?

Delicious huh.... there is reason why i am so fat now...

how about this?

...... see already don't feel like eating right? feel like the food so cold and look like is yesterday leftover... hah

Introducing the Blue Sunglasses~ lol.. very normal things right?

Wear this while you eating~ It will lower down your appetite~

The reason is simple, red, orange, yellow, golden brown color will increase our appetite. And blue, the opposite.
The power of blue~

with blue glasses and without

Can't resist delicious food and want to slim down? Now you can~ without taking pills or do a lot of exercise~ just buy this sunglasses and you will eat less~ or you can just DIY it.... haha, using blue water color to paint your glasses or cover with blue transparent paper... hah

Now everyone can become like this~

Think toooo muchi looo~ hahaha~



Willicious said...

ehh, where is the comment i post? U deleted it? hurkk urkk....

metalpanda said...

huh? u where got post comment?? only this 1 lo?


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