November 6, 2008

Transfomers : Revenge of the Fallen

I heard everyone love the 1st transformers movie, so many effect, explosions, the story so "gan jiong", CGI so real... everyone seem to want to see more. And so here we have,

Transfomers : Revenge of the Fallen

fan made, this is not the official poster

I myself also very excited about this sequel. An interview with Michael Bay, the director of transformer, promises that it will have even more HUGE effects, crashes, explosions and also some new elements like....

*SPOILER WARNING* if u dont wan to know anything of the plot, stop reading now...

..... "Pretenders"

For those who are big fans about transformer will know what it is, and for those who dont know, like me, here is the explanation.

"Pretenders is a subline within the Transformers toy line, introduced in 1988. The gimmick was that the Transformers were supposedly capable of disguising their robotic forms through the use of synthetic organic outer shells." - wikipedia
Still don't understand? Which mean....

"Alice" - Isabel Lucas

will turn into something like...

this~ Arcee

Wa Ho~ ok, i m so excited about this movie, and beside this, the sequel will introduce more robot such as Jetfire, The Twins and more~

I can't wait for this anymore~~ movie will be release on 26 June 09... USA... cis~

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Willicious said...

29 june 2009 somemore, next year geh


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