November 21, 2008


Wanted to buy a touch-screen/tablet laptop? or desire to buy a digital drawing board for your desktop to express your creativity? well, i always want to buy 1, but expensive~!!
But now~~~ here is a solution for you~! (n me)

Introducing DUO - wireless digital pen mouse

DUO for laptop - support max 15.4" LCD

DUO is a product of "Pen and Free" from Korea. No matter you are using desktop or laptop, plug in this and you can have a touch-screen PC~!! 1 more thing, only usable for LCD(liquid crystal display) monitor. Now you can not only tap the screen to use this pen as a mouse, but also can put down the receiver on table and acts as a drawing board~

DUO for desktop - support max 22" LCD

It also can with some awesome feature such as "Virtual pressure writing" which transform the speed of the pen into pressure. So you don't have to break your LCD to drawing something like oriental painting and brush effect. And "Aero pen touch" feature which allow you to draw or write in the air~

pic from

This product come in 2 things, a pen and a receiver. Plug the receiver to your USB and you can use right away~ windows xp, vista, MS office, photoshop, what also can la~ haha, and even (some)game also~

The most most most important things for us to concern on this product is... the PRICE~ i dont have the actual price for DUO... but you know what? This product only sale for around RM200~300+ only ler~!!!!! now DUO is already sold on Korea. i want to buy 1 also, but dont know where can i get 1....


update: DUO will be selling at 600 in china, means around rm300 here.
Source and source... hah

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