November 25, 2008


Nothing much happen lately... so didn't update so often. I have been playing RO private server AGAIN(x10) since yesterday. Now my house is full of music and song lately, because my parent brought this....

Tada~ KAINO Stereo Mixing Amplifier~

My mom brought this because she want to sing K wo.... got 2 mic, my dad can sing. So she brought many karaoke cd together with this.

speaker so big...

This is not a Karaoke set, no memory storage, no songs inside. I never heard of Kaino before... dont know what brand is that, internet also can not found info about this, but is expensive..... RM x,000. o.O

I told my mom why buy so expensive, then she say "Other more expensive lo, got 10+k de, this 1 cheap liao lo~". ...... ok lo.......

2 speaker bigger than my tv, i know is my tv very small...

So my house now become KTV already, everyday also sing, but can not too loud, later neighbour scold us. hah. Anyone want to sing K just come my house~ got serve water but no food, just remember to bring along your karaoke disk. hah~


Willicious said...

ooooooo, play RO again ar, not siens meh.... i c also siens, hehe

woooooooooo, hahahahaha
feel like hearing u sing k worrr. hahaahahah

must be very funny.

metalpanda said...

hah, my parent sing only, i didnt sing 1. hah. haha, my friend told me play awhile RO with him ma, then mai play lo~ haha


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