May 11, 2011

Take Off by 2PM

Recently i am in love with this song and i cant stop listening to this song. hahah.

Is the ending song of the new season anime named "Blue exorcist" by 2PM.

And after search around the youtube only found out the 2PM group is such a famous group singer and they are korean~!!

nice japanese btw.

Full song Take Off by 2PM

Translate lyric

Meeting you wasn't by coincidence
This is what you call fate

So that we who reflects in those eyes shine
I keep looking

(i’ll be) Whenever at you
(wilt you) I will never erase my smiling face
I will swear now
(you and me)

(please be)
So if this heart (with me)
loses its way
I hope you open the door to the future

ready ready ready for the take off
Lets rise heading for the unknown world
So (so) don’t let go of that hand

ready ready ready for the take off
The place where the dream is the goal
Grab this connection that you have hold of

When someone challenges
In case of such worry, lightly push the back

(please be)
Your one word (with me)
Is the magic word that will give me strong bravery to go the next

ready ready ready for the take off
heading for the horizon
at that place
you and someone else is waiting

ready ready ready for the take off
at the place where you were born again
you are fluttering coming down
to become one


the meeting moves to life
saving it

ready ready ready for the take off
the place where the dream is the goal
Grab this connection that you have hold of

Take Off - Blue Exorcist ED by 2PM

April 20, 2010

I am Alive

yoho~~ i m still alive~ haha, still not dead ok same to my blog. There is reason why so long i didnt update my blog... is because i am currently at New Zealand~ woho~~~

Not visit but working holiday for 6 months~ la la la. All the things come very quickly and unexpected.... the next time i know is i am at New Zealand~ lol

So, since i dont have a laptop, i cant update my blog lo~ (even i do have a laptop i also lazy to update actually lol) and only can use my phone to online, check mail and facebook.

Now i work in kiwi packhouse as a grader, just tired and bored everyday. Luckily after back home dinner awaits and internet~

Will update more soon... i hope. hahah

March 8, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Yes, i just love good smelling people because smelling good is ALWAYS better(.........) erm, did anyone love bad smell? i mean body odor. haha, ok, i bet not.

I still remember before i using any deodorant, there is 1 time after i finish the sport class my friend keep telling me he smell something bad and don't know where is it come from. And he come close to me and say tell me the smell come from me~!

*priak priak* heart break into pieces and feel very embarrassing. To those whole don't have body odor will probably think why we don't know and take care of it. And yes, we don't even realized we have body odor on ourself. And that's the time i start using this

lol, old version, time to upgrrraaaade myself and get a new one. hah

Body odor is not something you can wash off easily and the truth, it can't. The smell will come back very fast even you just finish bath and not sweating. Is some bacterial or something that emit from your body that make the smell. Sleep well, eat well, fruit and vege, exercise, a lot of people say this will help. I don't know it will help you on body odor or not but its does really help you have a healthier life lol.

"I dont have body odor, why i have to use deodorant?" a lot of people asking this. Using a deodorant is not something that you have to feel embarrassed and is not only for those who need it to cover the odor. A deodorant make you smell good and fresh. Everyone have body smell, is just the matter of strong smell or not.

Sometime when i smell some people (I DID NOT GO TO THE BODY AND SMELL THEM), when they have a good smelling, i just feel them they are very sweet, always clean, always fresh, always confident and that's why i just love good smelling people. Its not like fragrance that it probably make the smell worst only if you use the wrong "combination" on your smell.

I am not only love good smelling people, i also love people say "i love good smelling people" on ME~ hahah. Its really make me a lot more comfortable and confident with a good smell. And yes, this is me now, full of confident and "good smell"(= =) in anytime and anywhere.

Action 3~ I like adidas coz they always have a lot of version to aim and match for our needs.

use this and you will not only love good smelling people, you also love people telling you they love your smell =] i just love my smell~ LOL

*Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS*

March 7, 2010

Starcraft II Beta

Wuahahah~~!!! I am playing starcraft 2 beta~!!

YEAHOO~ so nice~! Familiar controls, structure, building and units~ but brand new feel, graphic and environment~!! ofcoz with brand new unit, skill and gameplay also, but for old player from starcraft 1 will get used to it in no time.

Well, is a beta so only few maps available. Actually is just a to get a feel on how this starcraft 2 works and the improvement from the 1st starcraft. And i must say its done very well. thumbs up~!!

Ok, i need to get back to starcraft II lol~ o, i get the beta version from a forum somewhere at china website. So i just list down the download part and the require password. In this starcraft 2 beta version, you only can get to play in single play custom game mode which randomly choose a race for you to play (using a special exe file to play this game). And ofcoz, you cant use this to online and play with other player.

Need to download a total of 15 parts for this starcraft II beta version.

password: 玩命米老鼠只分享於洪爺

*ps, i do not own this beta version, i just re-post here only lol. source starcraft 2 FTW~!! i am waiting for the release of starcraft II~

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