April 26, 2009

Best and Worst Cosplay

Found some Cosplay picture during surfing web, and just wan to share it out.. Some very good, and some... you just want to kill him/her. There are lotsss of cosplay picture out there, but i just post few picture here. Ok, enough said.

Here are some very best i seen so far.

Death Note






D-Gray Man

FFVII - Advent Children

Kingdom Hearts 2

Quite good right? And here are some.... well, not so good or... should i say.... bad cosplay.

Horrifying Sailor Moon

Banana head Dragon Ball

Shirt busting Garnet, btw, in case you donno, this is "Real" Garnet

Pregnant Rocket Team - Jessie

Just not right CardCaptor Sakura

Kill him please Cloud

this is real cloud


Yes, he is right. LOL

O, btw, dont cosplay monster please.

April 23, 2009

BoomShine / Chain Rxn

Recently i saw my friends on facebook is playing this mini, simple, highly addictive flash game. Is call Chain Rxn on facebook.

Chain Rxn

Well, erm, u not actually "play", but is just a game to relax.

"Click the screen to start a chain reaction and try to explode as many dots as needed to pass a level" as simple as that =)


After playing that facebook version, i suggest you to play this version which i found years ago. Is call the BoomShine. Well, is just the same thing, but the ball in boomshine is move more slowly and make this game harder compare to Chain Rxn.

my result


So, go check this game out, relax, release stress... play the BoomShine version, is better. you know why if you play facebook Chain Rxn before. And BoomShine load faster too. hah.

Chain Rxn, BoomShine

April 21, 2009

Flame War

Ouch, quite long didn't update, busy as a babysitter to take care of my sis's children. Kinda tired to take care children, but they are cuteee~ Ok, just a small update here, just to share a video i saw today on college humor

"We Didn't Start the Flame War" - a song that YOU helped to write.
*Caution, rude/violent/F word in this video*

*I didn't write these comments before XD

April 17, 2009

Halloween Costume

Remember this costume i post before?

Halloween Costume

I thought that was the best halloween costume, but i am wrong...

Coz I personally think this is the even better for halloween costume~

erm, well, maybe i just too "sua gu" that i never seen this kind of costume during halloween. What do u think?


April 16, 2009

FF 13 Demo Gameplay

Is available now~~!! The FF13 demo is come together in the FF: Advance Children complete box~ If you wan to see the demo, u dont need a ps3, or u dont need to fly to Japan and get the complete box, because you have youtube~

The FF: Advance Children is available TODAY, 16 April, but there is already a leak demo gameplay on youtube yesterday. This demo contain a complete CG opening and fighting demo. So........ SPOILER WARNING~~!!

Part 1

hey hey, this type of battle system only can call as FF series de ma~ i think is quite similar to "chrono cross"? haha (i personally dont like ff12's battle system)

Part 2

Part 3

I can't wait to play FF13~~~!!!

April 15, 2009

Sushi King Bonanza

Haha, sushi againnnn~ went to sushi king with friend yesterday because there is a RM2 per plate promotion~~ BONANZA~

I went IOI mall with 3 friends, lee, inez and meng, too bad wai cannot make it on time. So ar, only RICE-BASED sushi is RM2. So make sure you see whether got rice only take, don't act like my sister = =, eat already, paid, only know = ='

1 more things, try to avoid lunch or dinner times, because it is "people mountain people sea" de lerr~

We went there around 2+pm and still there are quite a lot of people.

The ONLY prawn tempura sushi i get~!!

I didn't take many sushi picture, because is same old sushi, nothing much. But what i can tell is... sushi king's sushi is getting... how to say, low in quality = =' Ok, that's my opinion, sorry sushi king lover.

I ate 11 plates~~ this pic only show 10. haha

The purple(rm6) and red(rm5) plate is hard to get~~~ 10++ plate can vanish on the conveyor belt before reaching your area! Luckily we seated quite near on beginning of sushi counter.

I have no idea why my friend is eating so less sushi that day, "missing standard" already. Haha, so i am the winning that day~(not a competition also) 11 plates~

Total 35 plates~ 4 people.

April 13, 2009

Cigarette Box

The conversation goes like this....

Dad: hoe, get me a pack of cigarette.

Me: What cigarette?
Dad: Marlboro.

Me: Marlboro light, original, menthol or menthol light?
Dad: Original.

Me: 20's? 14's?
Dad: 20's

Me: Soft pack or hard pack?
Dad: Hard.

Me: Lung cancer, mouth cancer, neck cancer, miscarriage, premature birth or gangrene?
Dad: .............

ok.. i made up this conversation.. hahah~

I am kinda impressed malaysia government will put these picture on the cigarette box, but i personally think it wont be very effective.

How often you hear something like this....

"wa, i didnt know that smoking cause so many cancer, and this picture look terrible~ i am going to stop smoking right now~!!"

April 11, 2009


ROARRRR~~~ Whats wrong with today line~!!

Download speed 3.9KB~~~~!!! WTX~!!! How am i going to surf net and update my blog~ (aler, how i post this then?)

I hate u streamyx.

April 7, 2009

Nuffnang Cheque

Yeah~~ A surprise for me~~ = =' ok, i was expecting this actually.... lol .Finally~ my very first Nuffnang cheque is arrived~~ la la la~

I start my blog and join Nuffnang last year November. Time flies, it almost half year since i start blogging. And thank to Nuffnang i get my cheque already~

Because i cant wait to get my first cheque, i cash out once its reach RM50. I request my cheque on February 16, lol, i didnt know that is 30 days from the end of the month request. So it counted as 28 February. So after 30 days, my cheque was issued on 1 April (aprils fool)~ and it takes another week to arrive on my desk~

So here is it~ thanks Nuffnang again~~

Fullmetal Alchemist (Season 2)

WOWOWOWO~~ i just saw the 1st episode~!! and is GREAT~!!

At first i thought i would be the same as the old FMA anime or comic, but is NOT~~ WOW~ So if you watch the old FMA anime, no worry~ see the new 1~ is different~!! Oh well, maybe start from episode 2 then will follow back the story plot...

Well, enough say, here is some episode 1 screen shot.

Well, you can watch this online or download it. From Y3h, i know this web to watch this anime (english sub) online. Or you can just download the anime (chinese sub) here.

Btw, you can download the full version of FMA Season 2 OP and ED too. But the ED is not in good quality...

April 6, 2009

Ragnarok Online 2 Original Soundtrack ~ Highlight

Since have people request me for the Ragnarok Online 2 soundtrack by Yoko Kanno, i uploaded it and can download from the link below.

Here is the list on the album

01 Intro Theme
02 Din Don Dan Dan
03 Hodo
04 Beginners
05 Clap&Walk
06 Yoru
07 Sailing
08 The Force Midgarts
09 Kings Joy
10 5 Years War
11 Red Wolf
12 Church
13 Prontera Field
14 Swamper
16 Sara
17 Pub
18 Hold Your Life
20 Play Chess In The Air

Download Ragnarok Online 2 soundtrack here.

*ps, the bgm on my blog is "Everland"

April 3, 2009

Japananese Buffet Tenji Restaurant

Yeah, finally get a chance to eat at Tenji~ and i went there twice in a week(omg~).... promotion ma~ la la la~ To celebrate my mom birthday, we went to Tenji on 28th for supper, together with my sister's children~

The buffet start on 9.30 and we arrive around 9.15, and we only saw a crowded entrance with a loooooooong queue. I want to take a photo on how many people there but is too dark there, because is still Earth Hour at that time~

mei mei~ Amanda

And... i didn't take much photo because we are busy eating... and all photo we take is on the children... haha = =

lol, almost finish only take pic, a bit of everything

Steam fish head

hmm... i take a lot of food picture using my bro in law camera, but then after he transfer photo to pc few day later.... i only get these 2 food picture = ='

Ryan with coconut~

Amanda turn~ lol..... kids...

The queue to the "Kingdom of Häagen-Dazs", scary = =

My sis and her children

That is all on 28th supper, total of 3 hours to dine and i need to wake up early the next day for work, so we also go back early.

And now, the 2nd round~ 31th March~ i go with 10 of my friends that day for lunch in Tenji.

The girls, Inez, Lily, Hui Ling, Samantha

The guys, Kah Wai, Wan Lee, Jensen, Wee Meng

Is almost 11.30 and only 2 couple there beside us waiting at the entrance

Meeting about strategies on how to get food later = = I am that fat orange shirt guy.

Foods time~


Sushi counter

Teppanyaki display counter

Salmon~~ My favorite~ fresh, sweet

Assorted sashimi

Unagi, love it

Beef with roast potatoes, the roast potato is nice

Lamb, a bit tough on the meat

Vegetable, fresh, crunchy, sweet.

This ar... i remember is sweet potato with strawberry... i didn't try this. haha.

Chocolate fondue

Dessert Station, so many~

They out of stock on the small coconut, and we had this instead.

Häagen-Dazs ice cream FTW~~~

Too bad they only have 6 ice cream flavour. Love Belgium Chocolate~~


Group picture

Ling, Thomas, Samantha

Meng, Wai, Hieng, Lee, Hoe

Ok, Since lot of people comparing between Tenji and Jogoya, i have a small conclusion. I personally think Tenji is better for a japanese buffet. Although Tenji have less varieties on the food, food in Jogoya seems to be tasteless nowadays. Tenji offer a better quality on food, fresh and tasty. Well, i think i will visit Tenji again.... when there is a promotion, haha.

*photo grab from jensen, samantha, meng and wai.

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