December 30, 2008

LG-GD910 Watch Phone

We can only see a watch phone from high tech spy movie like James Bone... and i dream about having one since i am little boy. But now... 2009(2 more days)~~ Tada~ the veryyy first watch phone from LG~ (ok, i know there are other watch phone already available in market)

Ok, i know the picture look like a prototype, but this is the real watch phone that will be announce at CES(Consumer Electronics Show) on Jan 09.

This watch phone features touchscreen LCD, 3G data, 1.43" screen, and with a built-in camera for videoconferencing~~! Well, the screen is small, so there is no online browsing feature and text messaging...(i think).

Ok, we don't know the price yet and i am sure this doesn't come in a cheap price. And LG plan to released in Japan and Europe only, for now.


December 29, 2008

"Well" Educated

Been to Tesco yesterday... just to have a walk and replenish some food. Walk walk walk, walk till cold storage part and i suddenly saw this...

(Few)BRA in the fridge~!! (with underwear i think)~!! Omg.. how come people will put those thing in there? I mean... i know, maybe u suddenly decided not to buy and need to put away.... but no need put inside the fridge ba~!!! I wonder why....

The person who put the bra there really no brain 1. How Tesco suppose to sell this bra with the sausage smell on it?? Or sell as a cooling bra maybe? hahahah. Very clever o~~

December 27, 2008


Ever heard of 9? I mean a movie named 9.

I saw this poster long time ago(half year maybe?), but cant find any plot details or trailer at that time. And 3 days ago, its released it very first trailer. The 9 movie producer is Tim Burton~~ know? Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd?

Enough said and just enjoy the trailer, this movie look awesomeeeeeee.... definitely going to see this movie.... on 09 09 09. haha~


December 26, 2008

VAIO New Mobile & Dell Amado

UPDATE 18 March 2009: Dell Amado Unveiled

Updated January 10
Updated January 13 : DELL AMADO REVEALED

Recently Sony posted a teaser on New Zealand site about announcing the New VAIO on 9 January 09.

The 1st picture stated this, "you will change the way you look at laptops". hmm... by looking at the 2nd picture, its look more like a netbook or PDA to me. Its look like ultra thin and light weight, and i wonder why its a rectangle shape? How is the screen look like and where is the keyboard? Oh well, maybe is like mobile phone nowadays, touch screen like iPhone or a tablet.

Sony has taken down the teaser webpage for dont know what reason. But if you can read japanese and you have an Sony Shop ID, you can click here to subscribe and get email newsletter.

There is no other info about this New VAIO.... until 9th January.

Well, this is about Sony, and now, another news on Dell.

adamo~ by Dell. There is so less info about this, but lots of rumors flying around... That this coming laptop, may be both lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air~ and Dell plans to market as the "world's thinnest laptop". Wo ho~

Thinner than this~!!?? Is amado a paper?? hah, ok, so we have to wait till Febuary 09 to know more about this, and thats all for now, nothing more.

Source, source and source

Shaving Advertisement

Browsing through bbs and found these picture, kinda special and funny so just want to share it out.

I also no idea whether these are true advertisement. haha.

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas~

Its Christmas Day~ jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock~

Merry chirstmas in RO 2 too~

Ok, i already uninstall RO2, because there is a lot of bugs on this beta version, no music, confuse system and partially translated language bring down all the mood on playing this.

Back to Christmas, do you guys get any present yet(in your sock)? Going party tonight? Or having lovely turkey dinner with family? Well, probably you already out of house and celebrating now. Pity me alone at home, doing housework and preparing for Chinese New Year. Ok, actually nothing to pity, every years will be like this.

For those who are still not yet buy present and dont know what to buy, see this x'mas special guide~ the new Mac tini~


December 24, 2008


Haha, 1st of all, happy Christmas eve~ do you guys go celebrate or party tonight? Hope you all have a fantastic night to welcome Christmas day~ with presents in your socks~

Went to Midvalley today and Christmas feel all the way. Lots of people, Christmas tree, music, decoration. Oh well, every years seems to be the same, people tends to celebrate in shopping complex. So I watch Bolt today in Midvalley~ and write a short review here.


Bolt is the latest Walt Disney animation. You have a choice of watching this animation normal screen or go for 3-D screen. I go for the normal screen today because 3-D screen need to pay more... haha~ u know la, i am very poor 1.

Ok, back to review. 1 word, funny/hilarious/entertainment........... ok, 3 words. Its kinda long time that i dont have a good laugher at cinema, except this 1. The story line was ok, normal, simple, nothing complicated. Well, what can you expect from a Walt Disney movie? This is about the dog, Bolt, finding its way back to his owner, peeny and come along with his 2 friend, Mittens and Rhino....the hamster. Every character have their own great and unique personality, which make this movie so good.

Like lots of movie, this come with a happy ending, and is kinda touching too. There is also pack with some actions in this movie, not like boring fairy tales or kiddy movie and give this movie an extra kicks beside the funny parts.

especially this 1, Rhino (heeeyah~)

Just to conclude, this movie definately worth your money and 90 minutes to watch and have a laugh at the cinema, and i think the 3-D screen will be even better.

And yes, this movie also get a 5 out of 5~ from me~ aha

December 23, 2008

Undiscovered land

Previously i talk about the new google earth 4.3, and now, another news related to this. Google earth is a great product, lots of people using it. And who will know that it lead to a new discoveries~~

Mountain Mabu

This is not joke, some scientists browsing Google earth for a new project and come across this undiscovered green land. According to Gizmodo...
Julian Bayliss was looking around Google Earth for a new conservation project when he came across patches of green in Mozambique that appeared to be previously unexplored. Sure enough, those green patches were '7,000 hectares of forest, rich in biodiversity' that had been left untouched by scientists thanks to minor blips like miserable terrain and constant civil war. An expedition launched in the fall to Mount Mabu discovered three new species of butterflies, a new Gaboon viper than can kill a human in a single bite, along with all kinds of other wildlife, like 200 types of butterflies and tropical plants, all in a matter of weeks.

Wow, this is kinda impressed. I thought technologies nowadays know all the things around us already, well, beside the mysteries deeeeeeep ocean and outer space. Quite hard to believe there is still land that man not set foot on it.

Lets hope scientists can discover more new species and land....using Google earth. hah. I hoping to see fairy and elf you know? hah .


December 22, 2008

Winter solstice (冬至)

Another small update~ Wow... now i only know 冬至 is winter solstice.

Aha, 1st of all, sorry for posting this late, winter solstice was 2 days ago. Well, i dont actually know what is 冬至, just a day that need to pray and eat tang yuan. So kinda busy on that day.

I cook quite many tang yuan, the picture above only show 1/3 of the all the tang yuan. Haha, reason is i LOVE to eat it a lot, and love the ginger + pandan syrup too. And because i cook it TOO MUCH, it become my breakfast for the next day. hah.

By the way, Congratulation to shee ying~ for giving birth your baby boy~ 皓恺, say hello to the world~~

December 21, 2008

Ragranok Online 2

Just a small update on what I m doing recently. Hah, been playing Ragnarok Online for past 1 month. Ask few buddy and play RO with me. Since its a private server, leveling is super fast and item is kinda easy to obtain.

Monster Disguised

So the whole month playing ro... play play play... and bored already. Haha, well, this is the 5th(or more) times i play RO since its 1st release on the original version.

So i uninstalled. hah~ sorry jensen~ And since i have no longer can play RO.... so i.... install RO2~! ahahah~

The RO2 i install is not an official RO S.E.A, but its from Korea and is a private server. I just installed today and is kinda confuse with the new system on RO2. So... back to RO2~

December 19, 2008

Google Earth

Anyone use Google earth before?

It is a program that let you see the world, map, terrain, search location. Well, i am not here to teach you how to use or explain everything i know, but here to show you all a update on Google Earth.

Photo-realistic building is a huge update on Google Earth, this is how its look like on January 07

And this is how its look like now.

Wow, pretty real huh. Well, you cant see these realistic building in all country, such as Malaysia. But at least you can see these 3-d building in San Francisco, Boston, Orlando, Munich, Zurich on Google Earth 4.3.

I wonder spiderman use Google Earth to see the NYC building before he "flying" around....LOL


December 17, 2008

Dragon Ball Evolution - Trailer

Well.... just a small update on this coming dragon ball movie. The new name Dragon Ball Evolution. A trailer been release these few day, and here is the trailer~

Erm... haha, to tell the truth, i dont really will going to watch this movie when its release. Well, nothing seem wrong with the trailer, but this is sooo much different than the anime. I am not a DB fans, but dont destroy my childhood memories~~ EPIC FAIL~~

December 15, 2008

Resident Evil Degeneration

My first movie review~ and yes~ is a game-based CGI movie~

Resident Evil: Degeneration

I watch this movie few day ago, but i have been busy with PC fair at KLCC since Friday, so argh.. kinda tired and no time to write this movie review~ hah.

Back to review, first, for those who never heard of resident evil, this is a movie all about infected zombies. Zombies bite human become zombie, and at the end, lots of zombies. This movie take place 7 years after the Raccoon City incident, which Resident Evil 4 is only 6 years. And for this movie, the main character from Resident Evil 2 team up again.

Leon Scott Kennedy (RE 2, RE 4)

Claire Redfield (RE 2, RE Code:Veronica)

The story is simple but yet engaging. Some crashing, exploding and breathtaking scenes. The CG is high quality and real, good voice acting and background music too. Everything is just great except the movie is kinda short. 1 and half hours just cant get enough.

I dont know what to say more about this movie, but just fantastic and great~ A MUST see movie for those who play resident evil before(if u like the game too). Compare to the Resident Evil (real person) movie(RE, RE: extinction, RE: apocalypse), this CGI movie is definitely lots moreeeee better. Its not the real movie not nice, but just cant get what i expected... and kinda boring too.

Movie trailer

So~ this movie get a 5 out of 5~ from me~ hah. A MUST SEE MOVIE~!

December 10, 2008


Surfing through internet and found these awesome bento picture, so just wan to share it out here.


Super Smash Bros




Nekobus from Totoro

Professor Layton

There are still a lot more awesome bento pictures, click the link below to see all of them~


December 6, 2008

Mario Kart - real life

Saw this short video on youtube today.... crazy and insane. haha

Dont try this at home

December 4, 2008

King of Fighters (movie)

Aha~ ANOTHER video game to be turned into a movie.

Well, nothing much details on this movie yet, because this movie.... erm, started FILMING on Nov 27. Haha, so this movie is targeted release on 2010...... =_='.

Dont know what is King of Fighters? This is a game released on year 1994, and till now, there is 11 sequels~!!

This movie is directed by hongkong guy~ Gordon Chan. Dont know how? The director of The Medallion. I remember i saw this movie before, but ar.... forget this movie nice or not already. Hehe.

According to Movieset Blog,
"The movie stars Maggie Q (Live Free and Die Hard), Sean Faris (Never Back Down), Will Yun Lee (Elektra), Francoise Yip (Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem), Monique Ganderton (Supernatural) and the coolest Sith Lord ever, Ray Park (a.k.a. Darth Maul from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace).

It also looks like the King of Fighters movie will introduce a new science fiction spin into the setting established in the games’ universe by following the surviving members of three legendary fighting clans who are continually whisked away to other dimensions by an evil power. As the fighters enter each new world they battle that universe’s native defenders, while the force that brought them seeks to find a way to invade and infect our world."

So ar... i kinda look forward to this movie... to see how my in-game favorite character looks inside the movie. Haha. But i dont expect too high on this movie, because.. you know la, game-based movie.


December 3, 2008

Nicolestyle Mismo Cigarette

Smoking is a bad habit.... and yet, everyone smoke.

I don't think smoking bring any advantages to us. Well.... except to those who are smoking say that it give "energy" and release stress. And some teenagers(maybe) say it feel very "yeng" or got "gaya" when smoking.

Beside these i cant think of any benefit to us.... what i can think of is those disadvantages, like...

Bad breath and yellow teeth

Lung cancer

Waste money and non-stoppable smoking

Picture souce

So ok, enough telling what you all already known. Here is the thing that you should try, if you are smoking.

Tada~ the "Nicolestyle Mismo Cigarette". A cigarette that wont bring you lung cancer~

This product is another technology from japan. Well, not really counted as cigarette, this product let you have the feeling of smoking but actually suck in vapor/steam. It doesn't create any nicotine so it wont cause you any sickness, disease or let you additives to "smoking". And yet, it priovide you some vitamin and minerals tim~ so healthy.

This can be divided into 5 part, the LED in front, the battery, the flavor pack (yes, got mint & grapefruit), the vapor converter, and the (smoking)butt. This product feel so real you know, the technology change the air's moisture into vapor, then got smoke, got taste, got emit light somemore~ u know, uhuh uhuh. omg, learn too much from williem.

You need to charge the battery to smoke, and what you have to refile is the flavor pack, each pack allow you to smoke 300 "mouth"/times. The flavor pack cost around RM40.... well, is healthy~ and the whole package sell around RM500..... ahaha, erm... maybe it wont help much on quitting on smoking real cigarette, but it worth trying~ haha

1 more things, smoker, quit smoking please, for yourself and everyone you love. Fact: each cigarette smoked shortens lifespan by 11 minutes.


November 27, 2008


Haha, been playing RO private server lately... so very busy ar, no time update blog ar, haha. Just to share a picture from RO...

Picture of the day~

To those who play RO before know what is it.

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