October 24, 2009


Windows 7 is released recently, and i bet a lot of people will be getting one.

Oh well, getting new OS should be a happy things, but then is a NEW OS... and you need to surf around internet and download all the programs you need AGAIN.... Oh come on~ definitely killjoys.

So let me introduce this installer to you. Is free~ is safe~ and most important, is EASY~ Ninite, a simplified installer that you just tick the program you need over the 60+ program below, start download and install~!!

Thats it~ get all the program you need using Ninite in less than 1 minute~


October 18, 2009

Color Stains

RAORRRR~~ y is this happening~~

I have no idea what is the main reason for this.

Wash not clean enough?

Color stain from other cloths?

Washing machine problem?? (10 years old)

ONLY my plain t-shirt have this problem ler~ WHY~~ WHY WHY WHY~

AHHH~ how m i going to wear these lerrr~~i mean for going out.


October 14, 2009

Dell Adamo XPS Laptop

Dell Adamo XPS released its info on 09.09.09, not much info released, but 1 important spec is...

Dell Adamo XPS is super thin, only 9.99 mm thickness~~

And today, Dell tease us with another 2 new photo about Dell Adamo XPS.

Its thin~! But look fragile to me... haha

Since Adamo is a luxury laptop serious, price definitely wont be cheap...

Lets wait till more info and spec release


October 9, 2009

Deadly Sleep

You are dead if you fall asleep like this....

No wonder they are ALWAYS focus and concentrate la~ haha

Source - donno from where, but thank Yazoo for sending this to me. haha

October 4, 2009

TGS 09: Final Fantasy XIII English Trailer

ENGLISH~~ yeah~~ I hope the English version will be release on the same day with the Japanese. Enough said and watch the English trailer now~~

October 3, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival

中秋节快乐~ yes, today is "mooncake" festival~ hope everyone can enjoy their gathering moment with friends and family.

As usual, my family wont have a family gathering or party on today.... just like another normal day. My sister is went back to her mother in law house to celebrate, my brother go out celebrate with his wife, me sitting at home eating maggi mee.... becoz my mom and dad already have their own dinner.... haiz~

But then~ i did eat some mooncake before~ nice 1. Doraemon Mooncake~

Yeah~~ ..... ...... .... is buy for my nephew n niece 1 ok~~

Mango flavor~

Superb~~ taste good~ not too sweet~ just nice~

Watermelon flavor~ this 1 okok, taste like watermelon flavor bubblegum(??)

Btw, i only eat the "snow skin" mooncake now... hahah, the traditional 1 not gam me already~ cool cool eat snowskin mooncake only nice 1 ma~ wuahahah~

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