September 25, 2009

Limited Edition Final Fantasy XIII PS3


Limited edition final fantasy XIII PS3~!!!

Is White~!!

Is Slim~!!

Is PS3~!!!

Is FF13~!!!

Is Limited Edition~!!!!

GIMMEEEEEE~!!! GIMME this limited edition of FF13 PS3~!!


September 21, 2009

Star Ocean : The Last Hope International

Oh yeah oh yeah~~~~ finally~!!! Star Ocean The Last Hope Internation is finally coming to PS3~!!

Yeah~~ i just have to write an blog post to show how HAPPY I AM~ ahahahah~~ Way to go Square Enix~! i knew you will be releasing PS3 version soon~ with extra and add-ons~!! In this SO international come with Japanese and English Dialog~ and even France subtitle~!!

Well, i dont own a Xbox 360 or PS3 now, but i am going to get 1 soon, which is PS3 to play FF13. I was sad about i cant play 1 of my favorite game - Star Ocean on PS3... But now~ wuahaha~ with star ocean international~ everything fine~

Wait for me Star Ocean 4 International~~


September 16, 2009

Pimp My Broadband

Do I even need to explain much about DiGi Broadband?

One DiGi Broadband to RULE THEM ALL~!! *hallelujah x4*

I think i don't have to explain much why Broadband is better, simply because DiGi Broadbrand will give me completely mobility and connect to the world with style~

It is so small~ so fast~ so.... YELLOW~ the internet connection(u know wat) I am using right now will have NO MATCH with the DiGi Broadband~!! Because DiGi Broadband Done Right~

So DiGi~ Pimp My Broadband~ please~ Because once i have the fastest connection, I can show and tell my friends about how good DiGi Broadband is~ LOL. I want to able to online using DiGi Broadband whenever i want, and its not to unplug all switch and internet connect during raining day~!!

Pretty please? You will follow me right?

Give me a "Thumbs Up" please~

September 10, 2009

2nd Nuffnang Cheque

Aha~ yeahhhh. My 2nd cheque from Nuffnang arrived~~ thx thx thx thx~(monica?)

Thank Nuffnang give me a surprise~ XD.... lol, ok, i was expecting this 1 also. Wuahah. Is been 5 months ago since i get my 1st Nuffnang Cheque~ ahhh, blink of an eye~ time flies so fast.

Ok, this time i cash out once its reach 100, so once i reach, wait till end of the month and cash out~~ So this is the amount i get. Cash out on end of July, and today finally i get this~ yeah.

Hey, this time is not "not much money" already lo. Thanks Nuffnang~ Thanks Nuffnang again~!!

J Card Fiesta!

Ok, i was wrong, is not actually a J card member day, but a "J card fiesta". So i been to Jusco today again.

Before going in Jusco, there is already a sale going on at the center court.


"dont push me, i want to get one~!!"

"Happy hours"

Is not that much people today, because i think is not a JCard member day, member dont get mail notification on today sale. So probably thats is the reason.... because not much people know~

Kid's world become food court already = =

Ok, to tell the truth, that wasn't much interesting thing or discount this time, i mean compare to Jcard member day. So i only buy few shirt and pants, thats all.

But 1 things i am sure that...... this is cheap.

Carlsberg. Because this person is buying FEW HUNDRED carton~!!

September 9, 2009

IOI JCard Member Day

Is coming again.

10 September only at IOI Mall Puchong. Tomorrow probably i will be going for this Jcard member day, but then today i already been there, u know, to check the original price and see what things i need to buy first.

And i come across this kid's world......

....... its more like Women's World now...

Because is full of Bagsss here~ be warned, there will be a war here tomorrow because the discount will up to 80% on bags~~

Jusco is kind enough to prepare this for Men~~

Waiting seat.

September 2, 2009


Just found out this website called Omegle. Its kinda interesting way to chat and is definitely a way to kill your time when you are bored.

Omegle is a brand-new service for meeting new friends. When you use Omegle, we pick another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like.

ok, i try it, and i think is safe. totally anonymous. and will be completely random.. like me....

Hahaha. Go try it yourself~ Omegle

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