January 30, 2009

5.12 Sichuan Earthquake Short Comic

I know this is quite long time ago, but i just found these few page or comic on forum when i browsing through today. Some is kinda touching, so i just want to share it out with you all.

Click picture to enlarge. Sorry, word is still small even its enlarged.

The Song of Miracle

The Boy Who Lived

Just One More

Take My Wings

I Must Be Strong

My Father is A Hero

Coke Boy

The Last Lesson

Sorry, i dont know who draw these~

January 29, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII New Trailer

updated : 30 Jan, found trailer

ok, just a small update... once i come back from "1 day 10 houses visit trip". tireddd~ but happy~

Today is the day that Square Enix, released its info on Final Fantasy 13. So excited~~ but once i click the official website, they just released a new trailer... = =' Ok, better than nothing, but now at least can have a roughly view or idea how the battle system works.

Since its just a trailer, nothing much to say about it. I cant find this trailer on youtube and embed here, so just click official web to see the HD trailer, real nice~~ i wonder what info they release next....


January 27, 2009

PSP Carnival Colors

Its been around 4 years that PSP first released, and PSP-3000 released on last year. And yet, Sony is going to release a line of "Carnival Colors" PSP 3000 on march 09~

Well, it PSP actually look nice on these color. Vibrant Blue, Radiant Red, Bright Yellow, and Spirited Green. I like green~

Good thing is, Sony also will be releasing PSP carnival colors value packs, come with PSP hardware, memory stick PRO duo 4GB, an AC adapter, a battery pack, a strap and matching pouch~ MATCHING POUCH~!! for $270, erm, around RM980.... haha.

The real bad things is... these Carnival Colors PSP only for JAPAN.... because these is still no word if these PSP will ever be sold on other country... you cant find these anywhere beside japan. So, if you gonna buy, you have to go Japan buy lo. Too bad~ Maybe i should wait PSP2 released then i only buy one of these... haha~ from ebay = =


January 25, 2009

FFXIII New Character Revealed

There is still 3 more days for Square Enix to release info about FF13 on this teaser site. But~ Famitsu.com released some magazine's scan photo on the site~ ehem, actually these photo been released for quite a long time, i am the one that didn't find out = =.

To those who don't know what is FF13 at all, I'm here to just briefly to show what characters we currently know,

Lightning, aka ????

Obera, aka Oerba Dia Vanille

Mr 33 cm, aka Snow, aka Snow Villiers

Lightning, Snow, Obera seems to be the code name in the game, and well, these name might not be correct. And probably will be show on the official web soon. And now, the new character revealed~ and couples of screen shot from Famitsu.

Sazh Katzroy

Afro guy

Baby Chocobo~

The battle look very realistic and more "real time". I hope the battle system wont be too complicated and need to be special and unique at the same time... dont let us down SE~~ haha. Oh well, need to wait 3 more days then.

Since is Chinese New Year Eve, i hope you all have a nice dinner with your family together with grandparent~ Gong Xi Fatt Chai 1st~


January 24, 2009

New "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" Trailer

New trailer~ from Japan~


Obama Presidential Inauguration Photo

Ace photographer David Bergman, take photos on the presidential inauguration, not one, but 220 images~~~ and stiches together with the help of a Gigapan robotic camera mount.

This is the photo overview and a total of 1474 megapixel photo.

Well, not "this" photo, the actual photo posted here, which you can zoom in to see the photo. If you wait few minute to load, you can actually see everybody and everythings~~


This magnificent photo come with some imperfection too.

Glove taste good~

can you find this person in the photo?

Source via Dvice

January 22, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII

Just a small update on my blog. I am kinda busy these few day and rush for housework.

Square enix recently posted a teaser web with a countdown clock.

Well, look like i have to wait 6 more days to see what Square enix have to announce. FF fans waited few years for any info about this game, but what we get is just a trailer and some photo~!

I wonder what they will announce 6 days later? Since FF XIII wont be out in America until april 2010..... yup... 2010~ at the earliest!!! probably SE will delay the game few more times...


January 18, 2009

Ga Rei-Zero

Didn't update my blog lately... because busy with housework and ar, u know, game. hahaha, kart rider, luna online, fallout 3 and anime~ Haha, been watching this anime, Ga Rei-Zero (喰霊-零-). Kinda nice so just to share it out.

First of all, "Ga Rei-Zero" is an prequel anime based on the comic "Ga Rei". Since is a prequel, anyone that not yet see the comic, should watching this anime first.

This anime only consist of 12 episodes, and don't get fool by the Ga Rei-Zero poster, this anime is not talk about that group of people wear like firefighter but is mainly about this 2 girls. Sisters that don't have blood ties or kinship.

"Ga Rei" the comic is about an group of people that can see ghost/spirit/soul, and secretly protect this world.... it sounds like ghost buster..... NO~ is totally different~! Is the story line that keep this anime interesting. The first 2 episodes on "Ga Rei-Zero" will probably shock you.

I cant talk more about this anime, since it only have 12 episode... but briefly, is about how these 2 girls meet and how their relationship build. By look at the quote of this anime "will you kill someone you love, because of love?", and you probably know what this anime is talking about. I like this anime very muchi~ nice~

Ga Rei-Zero Opening

Ga Rei-Zero Trailer

January 13, 2009

Dell Amado Revealed

UPDATE 18 March 2009: Dell Amado Unveiled

Dell today officially confirm that they will be releasing the new line of Luxury PCs, Amado, an ultrathin, aluminum-chassis stylish laptop.

According to AnandTech

Dell has not revealed any final specifications, and we are unable to discuss what we saw in the current version, but we did get a chance to handle and use the current Adamo prototype.

Hm.. so that mean we only can have a look on the Amado now.... but what we know is, the current plan are for 2 base models, white/silver and black.

Amado is very thin, but not as thin as i expect. Because before this, there is rumors about it will thinner than the Macbook Air, and i thought it should be super duper thin, haha. I wonder laptop can be thinner than that...

Final product might be slightly different or change, because what we saw now is still a prototype. But 1 think for sure is, this Amado sure look super high class and stylish.

While this appears to be an upper end product, Dell has always done exceptionally well in the realm of mass production, so there's a reasonable chance that the Adamo could end up being more affordable than the competition. We hope so, as there's a lot of demand for a light ultrathin notebook that can still pack more power than the current netbooks. Final pricing and details will have to wait until Dell is closer to shipping the Adamo, which should be sometime later this spring.

Ok, so we still need to wait for more information on this Amado laptop. Since is a luxury-line laptop, i wonder what is the price of this.... All info and picture is from Anand Tech, please click the link below from more information.


January 10, 2009

NVIDIA 3D Vision

CES 09 is going on at Las Vegas now... lots of coming electronic gadget and application will be showing there... but this 1 is the most i concern...

NVIDIA 3D vision~!! A glasses that allow you to have a FULL 3D gaming experience~!! WOO~!

3D Vision is a combination of high-tech wireless glasses, a high-power IR emitter and advanced software that automatically transforms hundreds of PC games into full stereoscopic 3D experiences.

Wos, with this, i can first person shooter game like watching movie at 3D cinema~ So excited~! Of course, you can watch 3D photography or 3D movie on your pc while wearing this glasses also~ now NVIDIA's system will work with over 300 currently available PC games, and many many many other coming game and movie~!! 1 thing though...

3D Vision is designed to work with pure Samsung and ViewSonic 120 Hz LCD monitors, Mitsubishi DLP HDTVs, and the DepthQ HD 3D Projector by Lightspeed Design, Inc

Anyway, this thing is so awesome.... and the price is not very expensive also, only $199~ around RM 700+ ba... if compare with handphone nowadays, i better get this glasses~ haha. For more information on this, check the link below~ Mom, if you dont want to buy VAIO P for me, buy this also can de.. hahah~


Sony VAIO P Series

Tada~ is here~!! the new VAIO P~ hah, before i already post the teaser here, now finally can get a full view on this Pocket size laptop~

Yeah yeah, its WORLD lightest laptop now~ ok, since its so small, talk about the size first..... erm, let me see... 8" notebook with 1.4 pound~!! means 600 gram only. omg....

Here is the spec: 1.33GH intel processor, Genuine Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium or Home Basic (32-bit), 802.11n WiFi, 3G WWAN, Bluetooth, 2GB RAM, up to 60GB Hard disk or 128GB SSD.

Wow, this is not bad, not bad at all.
This also have some awesome feature... like "motion eye" built-in webcam and wireless. COMPLETE GPS solution, which means you dont even need an internet connection to find the way or map~!!

Up to 4 hours battery, 2 USB port... 2cm thickness, erm, what else need to know? O ya~!! the price~!! TADA~ this notebook only need $899~!! around 3100+ on RM~ wo ho~!!

O ya, this notebook also come in these colors, black, white, red and green. O... i really want to get 1. Maybe lot of people not like this, because there say is too small. Well, is ok for me, since laptop is means to portable for me. haha..

But this notebook really need a wireless mouse... Mom, i dont want Ang Pow for this Chinese New Year.. i want this.... AHAHAHAHA~ dream too muchiiiii lo~


January 8, 2009

Final Fantasy : Dissidia

Nothing to update lately.... except me have to house cleaning everyday to prepare coming CNY.

Ok, back to topic. Anyone looking forward to play this game?

This is a fighting game that release on psp with all the main character & bosses on all the Final Fantasy series as playable character. This game might be very fun, but too bad i dont have a psp, so... too bad~

Even though i cant play... but i can listen soundtrack from this game de ma~ haha. This post is not introduce you about this game, but just to share the soundtrack only..... haha, ok~ dont hit me~

Final Fantasy Dissidia

These is total 55 soundtrack in this game, but what i posted here is arranged version, 27 songs, other is mostly direct use back the original game soundtrack. Ok, thats all, till next time then~

January 7, 2009

Macbook Wheel

New laptop from Mac with no keyboard~! A video explain it all...

lol... ok, seems like its too real and will lead to misunderstanding. This is FAKE product, FAKE advertisement, FAKE news. From the TheOnion~

January 6, 2009

Xbox 360 Car

Ever wonder whether you can play your gaming console xbox in a car? Haha, i browsing through net and found this.

Xbox outfits in a Suzuki~! Found this on Flickr, and according to the photo description,
Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Xbox Dashboard".
This thing had 2 360's, 2 projectors, and 2 flat screens in it. Ridiculous.

Wow, really ridiculous... 2 xbox inside 1 car.... and how can you play during driving~!!? Maybe during traffic jam? haha. I wonder this is against the law... not sure will "kena saman" or not, but 1 thing for sure, playing while driving = dead.

Don't like game? then how about internet and checking email?


January 3, 2009


News from last year... i mean, few day ago.

Fairfield Township, Ohio,
A 17 years old teenager was arrested on Dec 29, Monday for threatening suicidal with a representative of a video game company.

HAHA?? Ok, this is so dumbbbbb, let me explain the whole story. This guy was playing WoW (World of Warcraft), a famous multiplayer online game on 29 dec, and he was text chatting with the representative of the Blizzard company, maybe the gm. But the conversation went wrong after this guy say "he was suicidal and that the game is the only thing he has to live for......"

The Blizzard employee straight away called 911. The police came, he was handcuffed and placed in a patrol car.... busted. He told the police he was joking and just try to get what he wanted from the game. But.... too late~ This guy is scheduled to appear in Butler County Juvenile court on Jan 6, Tues.

Now you can see how serious it can be when joking... next time dont play play o~


January 1, 2009

2009 Is Here~

Happy New Year 2009~ A year of Ox/Bull~

Haha, actually nothing much to update. How was your yesterday? Went outside and countdown together with friend? with family? love one? hah. Pity me only countdown in front of computer and MSN. lol. 2008 was... ah, dont mention it, i waste whole year already. haha.

Since is a brand new year, i wish this year will be a great year, everything that bad from 2008 please dont follow me to this year, shu~ shu~ go away. Once again, Happy New Year~

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