February 28, 2010

CNY Day 3 (Friends Visit Rounding)

CNY Day 3 is always a tiring day... but very happy~ since 2 years ago and that's because is my usual CNY rounding friend's house visit~

This year too bad is getting less people in this "1 day visit trip" due to some of them is back hometown already and some of them is working(even in cny). So total up including me there are 9 people this time.

Haha, actually usually what we do is visit friend house, chit chat, eat snack n cookies, drink and.... gambling~! each house stay for around 1 hour plus and then next stop. So we decided to take photo every each house. hehe.

1st stop Ernest house

2nd stop Jensen house

3rd stop Jessie house

4th stop my house

5th stop Patricia house

Last stop Wai Yip house

So we manage to visit 6 house this time in 1 day. Before reach the last stop at wai yip house, all of us go "lou shang~!!"


And we promised next year we will be back again, together.

Picture grab from Kah Wai and The Sleeping Blogger Jensen~ bcoz i dont have my own camera lo... sob. haha. Happy CNY everyone.

February 17, 2010

CNY Day 2 (Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant)

Happy Chinese New Year~ A year of Tiger~ woho~ huat ar~! First day of CNY~ sleep and rest at home.... haha, lame. Because really tired ler, i cant even wait till 12am the day before due to general cleaning in shop. So, i didnt follow my parent on the 1st day of CNY to visit my relative. But then still sleep not so well... haiz, not a good start this year. sob~

Second day of CNY~ another small cleaning at home(can clean up coz not 1st day already~). because day 3 will have a lot of friends coming to visit my home ma, must clean a bit. And sister coming back without kids to have dinner with us.

And here goes the food review on.... Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant at IOI Mall~

Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant

Ok, see picture 1st.

Crispy Creamy Prawn - BIG prawn, crispy and tasty~

Salted Fish and Pork Claypot

Seafood Taofu Claypot

Scallop Stir Fry Vege - sweet~

Siew Yok~ very crispy, but very small too

Fry Chicken - skin very crispy also

The food is great, really not bad. Vegetable is sweet, meat is juicy, fried food is crispy. The food portion is a little small but still, 5/5 over the food~

And the staff responsiveness and efficiency is good too, food is ready to serve after 5~10 minutes we order during peak hours, good.

About the pricing, overall is still acceptable and affordable. I am not sure about normal pricing because the menu we get is mainly for CNY special. RM170+- 6 food for 5 person.

ONE thing i need to complaint is the friendliness of the staff in this Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant. The story goes like this... after we get our bill and its turned out RM300++ in total and we straight away know its wrong, so wrong. So we call the supervisor and ask what happen, and he give us this face.......

ROAR~!!! is like "hmph, not my mistake also" or "mistake...? real or not o, maybe u guy not enough money to pay only". And the supervisor just stand there for a minute, waiting US EXPLAIN what happen on the bill and what food we ordered TO HIM, and he just stand there with his "friendly" face.

After that only call a captain and check for us... after all these thing, they don't even apologize~~! not even 1 SORRY or THANK YOU loooo. ROARRRR.. whole happy mood spoiled. Going back Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant?? let me think... TWICE 1st.

February 10, 2010

Gathering Before CNY

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR~!!! lol, this post meant to b post b4 CNY 1. lol, too busy.

AHA~ i m still alive, but before was half dead. Everyday work non stop, work la, housework la, gimme a break~! But cannot leh, because CNY coming very soon that time and need to finish up general cleaning.

And~ tada, here comes the break. lol, a small gathering with gang before CNY.

Tastypot Steamboat~ Tomyam & Herbal Soup

Seafood~ Prawns

Seafood again. haha

Gang pic. hao, meng, jen, wai, lee, me

a little bit review on tastypot steamboat, food freshness quite good, food variety also many, and lot of soup base for steamboat. overall quite good~ and nice gathering guys. haha

*Pic grab from jensen. hah

February 4, 2010

Bomberman in Bioshock 2

Beware... because once you see it, you can't "unsee" it.

argh... now every time i look at the real Bioshock poster(left).... i saw a bomberman~!!


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