November 27, 2008


Haha, been playing RO private server lately... so very busy ar, no time update blog ar, haha. Just to share a picture from RO...

Picture of the day~

To those who play RO before know what is it.

November 25, 2008


Nothing much happen lately... so didn't update so often. I have been playing RO private server AGAIN(x10) since yesterday. Now my house is full of music and song lately, because my parent brought this....

Tada~ KAINO Stereo Mixing Amplifier~

My mom brought this because she want to sing K wo.... got 2 mic, my dad can sing. So she brought many karaoke cd together with this.

speaker so big...

This is not a Karaoke set, no memory storage, no songs inside. I never heard of Kaino before... dont know what brand is that, internet also can not found info about this, but is expensive..... RM x,000. o.O

I told my mom why buy so expensive, then she say "Other more expensive lo, got 10+k de, this 1 cheap liao lo~". ...... ok lo.......

2 speaker bigger than my tv, i know is my tv very small...

So my house now become KTV already, everyday also sing, but can not too loud, later neighbour scold us. hah. Anyone want to sing K just come my house~ got serve water but no food, just remember to bring along your karaoke disk. hah~

November 21, 2008


Wanted to buy a touch-screen/tablet laptop? or desire to buy a digital drawing board for your desktop to express your creativity? well, i always want to buy 1, but expensive~!!
But now~~~ here is a solution for you~! (n me)

Introducing DUO - wireless digital pen mouse

DUO for laptop - support max 15.4" LCD

DUO is a product of "Pen and Free" from Korea. No matter you are using desktop or laptop, plug in this and you can have a touch-screen PC~!! 1 more thing, only usable for LCD(liquid crystal display) monitor. Now you can not only tap the screen to use this pen as a mouse, but also can put down the receiver on table and acts as a drawing board~

DUO for desktop - support max 22" LCD

It also can with some awesome feature such as "Virtual pressure writing" which transform the speed of the pen into pressure. So you don't have to break your LCD to drawing something like oriental painting and brush effect. And "Aero pen touch" feature which allow you to draw or write in the air~

pic from

This product come in 2 things, a pen and a receiver. Plug the receiver to your USB and you can use right away~ windows xp, vista, MS office, photoshop, what also can la~ haha, and even (some)game also~

The most most most important things for us to concern on this product is... the PRICE~ i dont have the actual price for DUO... but you know what? This product only sale for around RM200~300+ only ler~!!!!! now DUO is already sold on Korea. i want to buy 1 also, but dont know where can i get 1....


update: DUO will be selling at 600 in china, means around rm300 here.
Source and source... hah

November 19, 2008

Keroro Opening 9 - Jam Project

Hello Darwin! ~Koukishin on Demand~ Jam Project

Just to share some anime soundtrack i have here. Its Keroro~ i have been watching keroro since the 1st episode release, means 5 years ago. Recently the opening theme changed, 9th opening theme song. And the song quite good, so i decided to share it to anyone who wants it. Here is the list of this album.

01 - Hello Darwin! ~Koukishin on Demand~
02 - Hallelujah!!
03 - Hello Darwin! ~Koukishin on Demand~ (off vocal)
04 - Hallelujah!! (off vocal)

free Download album here~

November 18, 2008

Trailer Time~ StarTrek

Nothing much to post these day, just to share a movie trailer to you all. Went to my sister house and take care of her children on sunday night, and kena flu (maybe is the dog fur).... my nose so red now.

actually i didnt see any star trek movie before, but this trailer seems quite nice, maybe i will go for this movie.

coming soon in May 09. ......

November 15, 2008

Start your own adventure~

I found some funny short video on youtube.

Start here~

Just click and watch it~ is an INTERACTIVE video. Choose your own story line~


November 14, 2008

Blue Sunglasses

I love to eat

Especially when i cant resist myself from the food temptation.... i eat a looooot.

What to do when you cant resist the food and want to slim down?

Delicious huh.... there is reason why i am so fat now...

how about this?

...... see already don't feel like eating right? feel like the food so cold and look like is yesterday leftover... hah

Introducing the Blue Sunglasses~ lol.. very normal things right?

Wear this while you eating~ It will lower down your appetite~

The reason is simple, red, orange, yellow, golden brown color will increase our appetite. And blue, the opposite.
The power of blue~

with blue glasses and without

Can't resist delicious food and want to slim down? Now you can~ without taking pills or do a lot of exercise~ just buy this sunglasses and you will eat less~ or you can just DIY it.... haha, using blue water color to paint your glasses or cover with blue transparent paper... hah

Now everyone can become like this~

Think toooo muchi looo~ hahaha~


November 11, 2008


Ever heard of idog? ifish? Well, SONY Rolly beats them all.


It is not just a device that detect music and dance like idog, but Rolly is also a music player and dance while you listen to song~

2 speakers on the side

Well, Rolly dance in different motion based on the song you plays. And with with different led lights too...

Rolly supports playback of mp3 and AAC files, with built-in 2GB memory and bluetooth audio streaming~ so you can plays your song from pc or mobile phone and make Rolly dance~

Turn upper wheel to change song, lower wheel to adjust volumn, shake Rolly to shuffle songs.

You can also create your own motions with the 'Motion Editor' and share with others, or download created motions from other.

Enough say and see Rolly in action~ commercial

1 more things, this Rolly come in a high price u know... around 2k... yes. 2K.


Nintendo Style

After watching Jensen recent post, Myvi or Mylove?, remind me that i these found on internet.

Nintendo Style's Cars


Pikachu (got tails somemore...)





lol, jensen, i copy your idea~ dont sue me~

Source : GameDaily, SuperMarioFans

November 9, 2008

Wallpaper (Free)

Feel bored and tired of watching this everyday?

Well.... maybe is time to change to something like this~

Ok, there are moreeee of this super duper, beautiful, fantastic, magnificent, amazing high resolution FREE wallpaper on this website.

Found this web and i just want to share these super duper, beautiful...(abbreviate)...wallpaper. These wallpaper also provide different resolution/ size for your computer (eg. wide screen / full screen). So, feel free to click the links below and change your wallpaper today~ LOL.

17 Fantastic Free Wallpaper
21 Magnificent High Resolution Free Wallpaper
13 Fantastic Free Wallpaper
15 Amazing Free Wallpaper
14 High Resolution Wallpaper

November 8, 2008

Dragon Ball Movie

I bet everyone knew this movie will be coming out soon.

Dragon Ball Movie

From my opinion, it just doesn't feel right when "ang mo" is acting in a japanese famous manga/anime. But who knows, maybe ang mo will act better ler?

Justin Chatwin as "Goku"

Ok, just a small update i found on internet, a leaked picture from the movie. I cant directly post the picture on here, because the website will request me to remove the picture. Instead, i posting the picture here.


........... Goku in "Super Saiyan Ape" form

I dont know what to say anymore... its look like an ALIEN more than an APE ba~~!!

I hope the movie dont change much from the original anime. please~?

November 7, 2008

ONN - Onion News Network

I just wan to share something i found out quite interesting on the net, the ONN.

Anyone heard before? Erm.. this.. company? or i should say a HUGE team of people, is reporting news on the internet.

Sounds very normal right?

But what is so special about this show is... all the news are FAKE~! aha~! yes, made up news.

Actually this is for comedy and also satirize the politic/government with a sense of humor . They are making this production so professional that i thought is real...

Ok, enough talk and i just share some funny NEWS here.

12-Year-Old Boy Scouts Offer To Give Breast Exams

Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President

*official website /

November 6, 2008

Transfomers : Revenge of the Fallen

I heard everyone love the 1st transformers movie, so many effect, explosions, the story so "gan jiong", CGI so real... everyone seem to want to see more. And so here we have,

Transfomers : Revenge of the Fallen

fan made, this is not the official poster

I myself also very excited about this sequel. An interview with Michael Bay, the director of transformer, promises that it will have even more HUGE effects, crashes, explosions and also some new elements like....

*SPOILER WARNING* if u dont wan to know anything of the plot, stop reading now...

..... "Pretenders"

For those who are big fans about transformer will know what it is, and for those who dont know, like me, here is the explanation.

"Pretenders is a subline within the Transformers toy line, introduced in 1988. The gimmick was that the Transformers were supposedly capable of disguising their robotic forms through the use of synthetic organic outer shells." - wikipedia
Still don't understand? Which mean....

"Alice" - Isabel Lucas

will turn into something like...

this~ Arcee

Wa Ho~ ok, i m so excited about this movie, and beside this, the sequel will introduce more robot such as Jetfire, The Twins and more~

I can't wait for this anymore~~ movie will be release on 26 June 09... USA... cis~

1st post~

Before i start, just a brief intro about myself, name: panda; gender: male. finish. Haha, ok, i m (a bit)fat and (a bit)short with a very dark eye circles, that i bet you that i have the darkest eye circles u ever seen. aahaha(so proud)~

Ok... so this is my very first blog post and i dont know what to write at all, aha~ anyway, due to many friends of mine have their own blog, and getting more n more nowadays, i decided follow the trend(i m so outdated~) and start my own blog~

Anyway, i will post almost anything happens around me. I will try to make things interesting and hope i can update often.

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