July 29, 2009

Storeroom Part 2

Been to friend's party and Tenji these 2 days. So tired~ but happy~ hahah.

Well, about my storeroom, there is still a long way until its clean and tidy. But i found this thing on my store that day...

A GIANT NAIL~!! lol, i wonder why there is a nail like this on my house storeroom... maybe is to curse people? hahahahah, i cant find a giant hammer though.

So how ler? throw this nails? if want to keep these, where should i put it ler har? hmm....

July 25, 2009

The World Ends With You

Ah~~ another day~~ working very sien ler~ haha and tired too. Oh well, will be going out on next day off, yeah~ Tenji, here i come AGAIN~ wuahaha~ let me fat till die ba, wont care anymore.

Let me introduce this game, been playing this after i back from work. Its call "The World Ends With You" or "Its a Wonderful World" from Nintendo DS. Its nice~ Its great~ Its Fantastic~!! *ps, i dont own a NDS, i play it on computer.

I know i know, this game released on 2007 and its kinda late to introduce now, but its so nice that i have to at least give a review~!! The world ends with you is develop by Square Enix(FF & KH series), so hey, it probably wont bad right?

Let me just get a short review on this game, this is a RPG game with excellent music, compelling storyline and innovative gameplay. And thus make this a Must-Have to all rpg fans NDS owner.

Well, i cant talk much on the storyline because i haven't finish the game yet. But the battle system is very innovative, moving character, skill and attack is only using the stylus or mouse if you using pc. Very easy to control and suit.

Nevertheless, love the soundtrack on the world ends with you. Its different from any other square enix games soundtrack, this one is an eclectic mix of J-Pop, hip-hop, and rock songs 1 ler.
And what you expect on and RPG game, this game has it all, tons of skill, upgrade, lvling, item, quest, equipments.

So overall, i give this game a 5 outta 5~! Best game i play on NDS. Must own game~!!

July 23, 2009


I am still alive. Haha, so long didnt update blog already, been busy with work and housework, quite less online these day. And my blog is dying~ NOOOOoOOOooOOooo~

Ok, enough of that. Been cleaning the storeroom and under staircase, n OMG.... is a mess, is a DISASTER~~ Actually is not so many things inside storeroom, but the store never seem to have enough space to put our things~~ why~~ and this is what i found out.

Boxes, mountain of boxes.

Its mountain of EMPTY boxes~!! The boxes in the picture just few boxes, lots more inside the store. Its cost so much of the space, no wonder no more space laa~~

My mom always say dont throw these boxes, will need these someday... well, its in the store for more than 5 years and never touch these boxes at all~ argh, better throw them all~ argh, still have long way to finish cleaning the store...

Did your house storeroom have the same problem as me?

July 14, 2009

Transformers: ROTF & Ice Age 3 Review

Hey hey, too long didn't update my blog already. Kinda busy and tired working everyday, blog also hardly touch, so before just post something interesting i found on the internet.

So i watch 2 movie on my day off~~ yes~ 2 movie in 1 day~ wuahahah. Transformers and Ice Age. Just briefly give my super short review. Transformer 2 not bad, ice age 3 is quite funny. finish. hahah.

Okok, longer version. The actions and the CG effect in transformers 2 is stunning and beautiful, more action, more booming, more transformers. But.. there is not much story line there. Oh well, what can you expect? is Revenge of the Fallen ma... the title say it all.

So yes, another transformers movie with more transformers, but don't just focus on optimus prime and bubblebee la~~ i want to see more action on other transformers also ler~

Anyway, like the movie, 4.5/5. Autobots, roll out~

So 2nd movie i saw is Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs/Ice Age 3 ~ I personally think is very funny compare to the previous Ice Age movie.

Previous installment i only feel the funny parts are from Scrat, how he get back his precious acorn. But with 2 new character introducing in this 3rd installment, Buck and Scratte, its lots more funny and hilarious~~ The story does continue from previous installment, and since its a comedy, family movie, the story seem to be straight forward and plain.

Oh well, its a comedy right? get yourself a good laugh at the cinema~ definitely a great movie for family~ its funny~ recommend~ 4.5/5~

July 9, 2009


Always crazy about i.product? How about this new i.Saw? Hey, not i saw you, you saw me, is a SAW. Yes, introducing i.Saw - the USB Chainsaw..... U...S...B... Chainsaw~!!??

Its PC+ Mac Compatible~ and powered by USB~

Click to enlarge

Its only $59.95 shipping included~ pre order now~~ i bet if u bring this to your office, your boss will definitely go easy and nice to you =]

To pre order or more information, please visit here~

Hey, dont tell me you believe this..... is a hoax laaa, i think. haha

July 7, 2009

Tenji Summer Summer 123 Promotion

Yo~ Tenji Summer Summer 123 Lunch and Supper Promotion~ oh well, Tenji is having another promotion this month. Promotion is from 3 July till 31 July.

Hah, i wonder why the promotion name need to 2 "summer", but i do know why is 1 2 3~ because~~ tada~

Because they have 3 offer together~

First~ if u do have VIP card (sob i dont have) then you can get a ONE premium steamboat~~ yes, one only.

Second~ is the normal price discount~ RM 39.90++ for weekdays supper and weekdays lunch~ you dont need VIP card to get this price~ everyday happy =]

Third~ is house wine and beer drink until you drunk~ haha, unlimited beer and wine for Monday to Wednesday. 6pm to 9.30pm. Hmm, then lunch n supper also dont have free wine and beer lo... cis~

Anyway, maybe i will go for this promotion AGAIN~ wuahahah~ because me and my mom also like to eat =] yeah~ looking forward to tenji~ hey tenji, i help u promote ler, gimme VIP card~ hahahah (idiot)

July 3, 2009

Best Mega Man Costume

Omg~~ this is so cute~~ XD

Pew pew pew~ In case you don't know what does he say at the end... its "eating candy"

oh btw... i m so lame to just update my blog for what i found on the internet n youtube... because nothing much happen lately ler, nothing to write about... ahah~


July 2, 2009

Starcraft II Tech Tree

Wow~ its out~!! well, is more or less the same as Starcraft 1, but is II man~!! 2~!! Wuahah~ star from now i need to plan what to build first... wuahahah = = (idiot)

Click picture to enlarge~




For more information, please visit Starcraft 2 official web


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