January 30, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII OST

YEAHOOO~!! Its here~!

Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack~

hehe, not even play the game yet but already listen to the soundtrack... but will buy a ps3 n play this soon~!!

But this time Nobuo Uematsu is not involve in this album but he is assigned as composer for FFXIV, so Masashi Hamauzu is the composer this time on FF13 and the first soundtrack in FF series that is without Uematsu.

And the soundtrack still ROCKS~!! and awesome~!! but can definitely feel the different.

Download OST here torrent or zshare

*sry guys, i only manage to upload to zshare due to connection and upload size limit

January 19, 2010

Tekken Trailer

hmm... another game-movie coming, is Tekken. hmm... i am not impress and i dont feel any excitement on this coming movie.

Here goes the trailer.

Boring~~~ i said it. And of course i cant judge a book by its cover, but i can "predict" one you know, by looking at the movie trailer. .... do this trailer even have the point AS a trailer? I am not impress at all.

Argh, i just feel sad and wonder why they like to make an FIGHTING game into a movie. huh~ tell me why~~ How good can it be?? Street Fighter - FAIL... Dead or Alive - FAIL.... Dragon Ball - FAIL.... Doom - FAIL... And i bet this 1 too.

Character is just plain... nothing special, i though i can see some special character in Tekken game series like PANDA~ KANGAROO~ come on, at least King(tiger masked man)... but sadly NO. Even the main character Jin is played by a skinny American boy like dragon ball... SWT '''

Just to remind you, when the movie release on around april, think twice when you want to watch this movie, because i rather watch WWF.

*but i kinda look forward to the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. I hope is as good as the game.

January 12, 2010

Airnergy - WiFi Hotspot Power Harvester

There are a lot of new things coming in CES... this year, 3D tv, 3D camcorder, nexus one... well, its new but not as amazing as this one on CES 2010 - Airnergy.

A WiFi hotspot CHARGER~!! charging your using nothing but the WiFi signal as power source~!! charge everywhere~ FOC~

So this little box inside there is a battery pack, it will charge whenever there is a WiFi signal, converting the signal into electricity. Of cause the charging rate is directly affect by the number and source on the WiFi. On CES floor, they can fully charge a blackberry phone with 30% battery in 90 minute using this Airnergy. Impressive.

What make this AMAZING is that it will available this summer~ with $40 only~!! Dont believe? see this~

Source - By Evan Ackerman

January 1, 2010

Christmas & New Year Party

First post on 2010, Happy New Year~ New year a new start~

Been to friend house party yesterday, a small gathering to celebrate late Christmas and new year together(?). lol

So just eating, chit chat and have a good time. And also a present exchange section~ And i get this XD

omg cute~!! and come in a pair~

And this, christmas candy cane~ sweet~

kinda busy these day, no offday and need start cleaning the house for CNY already, sob T T. Anyways, happy new year~

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