December 23, 2009


Yeah~ finally watched Avatar~ in 3D~ its been N years since my last 3D movie. hah.

Here come my SSR(Super Short Review)~

AMAZING~ GORGEOUS~ STUNNING~ WOW(is a description also)~ is the words i use to describe this movie. I really enjoy the whole movie from start to end.

The world(Pandora) in the movie, environment, surrounding and every single little things they create is so real and brand new. The visual effect is so real that i even forget It is a CG effect during the movie.

The movie really can drag you in. Its even more real watching in 3D. Feel the nature~

About the story... well, i am not about the story plot. Now i am comparing with 2012, both is great movie in term of the visual effect, but Avatar is more focus in story. And thats what i like. Oh well, but the story plot is easily predictable after middle part till the end. Not much twist.

Battle scene is great. I LOVE the battle scene especially the "boss" fight. Soundtrack is another element that must not forget, and its done very well along with the movie.

So overall i will give Avatar a full mark. 5 out of 5~ Another must watch movie this year~

December 12, 2009

Breaking The Law

Today i done something... something that breaking the law...

I might get jail up to 2 years or fine up to 10k.....

Omg.... How....

Tell you what i done.... shh... dont tell other people ah....

I place the cigarette box like this...

.... dont understand? i placing the cigarette box the "unappropriated way"~!! And THAT, make me break the law. OMG~ What have i done~~?!

BI BI~!! Is wrong to put cigarette that way. You know, there are actually a law on how to place the cigarette on the shelf.

I done wrong... i offended the law... because i didnt place the cigarette box face up with the GHW clearly... so that people keep smoking... sob... i m so wrong... and i might get 2 years jail or fine 10k or both...


= =''

Geezz.... COME ON~!! LIKE THAT ALSO NEED A LAW MEH~!! Better just set a law on not smoking in public area and get fine on littering the cigarette butt ba~!!! Malaysia boleh.... = =

November 30, 2009

Paper Craft

Just realized this FREE download-able papercraft model from YAMAHA official website.

Its papercraft~


Motorcycles, rare animals and more papercraft model for you to download~ and ofcoz FREE from Yamaha website.

Bored? Download the paper craft HERE at Yamaha~ Print it out, and start making one~

Yamaha web source

November 28, 2009

Summer Wars

Summer Wars/ サマーウォーズ/ 夏日大作战

Just finish watch Summer Wars today~ directed by 细田守. ok, probably most of the people donno or never heard about this anime movie before. Let me give you a brief introduction on the anime and the director~

"细田守 3 years ago directed an animation call "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time/穿越時空的少女" produce by warner brother. It is become so famous and popular in Japan and needs to be extend the showing period in theater again and again. Created 300 millions YEN/3 million USD box office in total. And now after 3 years, he created another epic animation "Summer Wars" "

Ok, back the Summer Wars review. This animation is good, just great in every way. The story is about a virtul reality world "Oz", that allow everyone to buy, watch, see, work, invest... and about everything that reality world can do by access your account via phone, game console and tv.

The main character Kenji "accidentally" hacked the Oz world and make the world upside down and giving a deadly threat to the real world.

So Summer Wars is a science fiction and futuristic animation la. Feel fantasy and yet its related so closed to our world now, maybe one day our world will same as Oz.

I believe most of the people will think Summer Wars very childish, but what i can tell Summer "Wars" is not a "blood hatred" film, i kill u u kill me, NO. And not just a "save the world" movie, but a very soft, not too over family warmth film.

I highly recommend this animation to all those people that don't usually watch anime/animation, because its definitely change your view toward "CARTOON".

I give a 4 outta 5~ go watch go watch

Here is the trailer, in japanese.....

November 26, 2009

FF13 Pre-Launch Trailer

OMG, really i cant hold it, i already posted a lot of thing about FF13 previously. And yesterday they just released a SUPER DUPER MOST EPIC trailer from FF13~!! I cant just sit here and look at the trailer myself~ i have to shout n tell everyone~!!!

well, ofcoz is in japanese, skip most of the conversation till 3.00+ to see all those AWESOME AMAZING CG~ with gameplay and a cinematic summons battle~!!!!

November 25, 2009

Ninja Assassin

Watched this Ninja Assassin last night, starring by Rain~ u know, not wind or storm, IS RAIN~ lol

Thanks to Jensen, i get the free ticket to watch ninja assassin premiere from nuffnang~ lol, and is my 1st time to attend nuffnang movie screening/event.

So here goes my super short review. The story is simple, he betray his own organization due to "some reason", the organization will kill betrayer and he fight back. Straight forward, nothing complicated 1 and half hour movie.

The first half part of the movie story draggggg too loooong, moving in slow peace. I really feel bored the first half and hour but its get better on the back.

There are quite a lot of action scene going on also, CG done not too bad with all those blood and shuriken flying, but its look a bit fake actually. I like the sound effect in Ninja Assassin that done perfectly, definitely add some point to the movie.

Well, same like some of the action movie, the fighting scene usually cant see clearly because the cam is shaking up and down to create more realistic view, but dont move too much la, is a movie after all. Ninja fight in shadow you know.... so some of the scene is like.... a blink of a sword in pinch dark and somebody dead. .......

Actually i expect something from ninja 1... NINJA ler, instead of just disappearing in dark la. You know, sprint on top of water, or duplicate skill (分身术..donno the english term lol) but there are none of this on the movie.

So overall i give Ninja Assassin, and half mark 2.5/5. Not too bad but is not that good either.

November 23, 2009

DiGi Broadband

Yeaho~ finally is here~ haha

Because i wasn't at home that time so i went to the office and take my parcel, luckily is just nearby my house. Open it and...


Get this free 3 months broadband from pimp my broadband contest. Thanks DiGi~ Always the smarter choice~

Since i don't have laptop, this broadband will give my brother use lo. By the way, the limited edition USB broadband skin looks cool~(limited 1 ler)! lol

Thanks DiGi again~

November 21, 2009

Collect Your Consignment

Jensen call me early morning today, said that he receives the parcel from City-Link... But then i was working that time, so i was hoping that they will deliver the parcel after i get back home.

Once i get back home, i saw this hanging on the gate there.

Please call or drop by office to collect your consignment.... ok.... so where i need to go now?

ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cant even see a SINGLE WORD~!! Please inside into mail box la instead hanging on the gate there, will rain 1 ma~ ROARRRR

So after that i try send a enquiry email to City Link and see where is my parcel lo... after i type all my info and message and click send... it show this page

File Not Found... (?????????) what file? why find?? i sending an email la~ ROARRRR

November 18, 2009


FINALLY~~ YEAH~ i watched it last night~!! Wo ho~


Watched 2012 with sis and my bro in law, movie till 2.30am~ other show time is fully booked so only left the midnight show... so late and sleepy but worth it~!!

Here goes my SUPER short review~ i wont talk much on the story plot, because this kind of good movie must not be spoiled~!! wuahaha~ my vocabulary is kinda poor so i cant find any bombastic word to describe this movie.

But BREATH TAKING, STUNNING, and SUPERB will be enough.

Well, i bet you already saw those scene on trailer, but i can tell you that watch it in cinema is definitely brand new DIFFERENT feels.

The story line is simple, tells from a view of a group of people how they escape the world destruction and how the government react. And feel the nature WRATH~!!

Overall is a very great movie, stunning CG and sound effects that really drag you into the movie. Most important, how often will you see everyone claps their hand during the movie?

Well, with no doubt i give the movie 2012 a full mark, 5 outta 5~ IS a must to watch this movie in theater~!! Go watch now if u haven't~

November 11, 2009

2012 Premier Screening

Woho~~ yesterday i went to 2012 movie premier screening~ yeahh~~~

Now Showing~~~

Woho~~ but i cant make a movie review yet... because... i didnt watch the movie yet~!! XD


So i am in charge of phone deposit, yes, your phone. No phone and camera are allow in cinema, bcoz is premier screening ma~ so EVERYONE will have their phone deposit in the counter, and thats my job. You cant run away 1, because we have scanner~ la la la

Boxes of phones.

So thats all, next time you go for premier screening, better don't bring any phone or camera to prevent lost phone or mix with other people phone.

I will watch 2012 this week or next week~!!!

November 6, 2009

Phobia 2

My blog is dying.... NOOOO~ haha, ok, back to topic. Is time for my "Super Short Review" again~ and the movie i just watched... tada~ Phobia 2~

First of all, i am force(kidding~!) to watch this. haha, i never like horror movie at first. Ok la, i didnt say no also when my friend decided what movie to watch. I watched this anyway now. Phobia 2 is a mix of 5 short story that directed by different director.

So all 5 story have slightly different fliming skill and style, but with 1 common... disgusting la~ you know la, Thai horror movie like to FOCUS on those "dying effect"... like those final destination lo. geli.... haha

nothing much to talk about the movie, but one thing that need to mention is the ending... is surprisingly... new... and FUNNY. yes, funny...

So overall rating.... i give... 3 out of 5~ hey, what do you expect on a horror movie? and i dont even know how to rate on horror movie. If is rate based on disgusting and disturbing, i will give 5 out of 5. haha.

October 24, 2009


Windows 7 is released recently, and i bet a lot of people will be getting one.

Oh well, getting new OS should be a happy things, but then is a NEW OS... and you need to surf around internet and download all the programs you need AGAIN.... Oh come on~ definitely killjoys.

So let me introduce this installer to you. Is free~ is safe~ and most important, is EASY~ Ninite, a simplified installer that you just tick the program you need over the 60+ program below, start download and install~!!

Thats it~ get all the program you need using Ninite in less than 1 minute~


October 18, 2009

Color Stains

RAORRRR~~ y is this happening~~

I have no idea what is the main reason for this.

Wash not clean enough?

Color stain from other cloths?

Washing machine problem?? (10 years old)

ONLY my plain t-shirt have this problem ler~ WHY~~ WHY WHY WHY~

AHHH~ how m i going to wear these lerrr~~i mean for going out.


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