May 31, 2009

Sony PlayStation Portable/PSP - Go

WOW~ finally, new version of PSP is coming out, the "PSP-Go". Ok, lets the picture do the talking.

Small little psp go~

Is like slide phone~ 3.8' inch screen

But i personally think psp go is not so comfortable when holding ler....

Maybe analog stick is too toward to center?

But still, public will probably accept this new design of psp...

NO UMD but with 16gb storage~


May 30, 2009

New Cosplay Record

376 cosplayers attend the London MCM Expo on the 23th May 09 and break the Guinness World Records of the 'largest gathering of people dressed as video game characters", beating the Expo's previous record of 342 cosplayers.

Click on the pic to enlarge

Okay..... but everyone seems overweight a little bit, haha. i mean compare to the original character from the game. ok, not everyone.

Bleach group

The nurse from silent hill must be tired of posing this throughout the event... click the link below for more picture.

Source and flickr

May 29, 2009

Ninja Moves & Hero Stunts

Saw lot of these stunts on movie, but Damien Walters showing us the real-life, real time and 100% no wired, its just feel awesome~~ stunts is ofcoz with the blend of gymnastics. See the video below and be amaze~

Dont try this at home... try in gym then, hah

May 28, 2009

Black Market On Restaurant City

OMG~ There is a black market on the restaurant city on facebook~!!!

I can buy an apple for my employee that only cost 110 money. Due to i need to buy more apple to store, i decided to buy from the shop in front of my restaurant lo...

And... CISSS, is a black market~~ the merchant offer me 6000 money~ for AN APPLE!! CRAZY~!!

6000 money i can buy a DRAGON VASE ler, got 1000 left tim~

Beware of this black market.....

lolx.... i am too bored and try to make up a story n simply update my blog to make sure its still alive...

May 27, 2009

Body Check Up

Ahhh~~ my blog is dying~~ so long no update blog already~ back to topic.

Ok, not me, is my mom. She done a body check up recently and the report is out. Well, i thought there are nothing serious problem with my mom's body, you know, high cholesterol and high blood sugar. These 2 are very common right? Until the doctor explain to this...

The "CA 19.9"

ar... i don't know the english term for this, but something like the level of "tumor on stomach and pancreas"~~ and my mom get 47.... and a normal healthy person should range between 0-37...

OMG~ the doctor said is very high and quite dangerous already. o.O... me and my mom kinda shock to hear this, because last year my mom done another body check up on other pathlab and everything is ok wo... reason~~ what is the reason will get so high 1~

Doctor: "Did you always eat leftover food?"
Mom: "Yes..."
Doctor: "THAT IS WHY LO"

The details of this i cant remember very well, but briefly is.... leftover food on fridge will form some kind of toxin or poisonous thingy. And if consume too much, then will get that CA19.9 lo... means will probably get tumor cancer~ and there is no sign when it will be forming!!! ahh~ we thought leftover food just no or low in nutrition only... and my mom is consuming leftover food(if have any) all these yearssss... she say don't waste wo. So how now??

Buy this to drink, the doctor said

Campbell's Tomato Juice, yes, tomato juice. Doctor say there is 1 ingredient on this juice can absorb and bring out that kind of toxin on our body~ well, tomato do have that ingredient, but the portion is too less, and you will have to eat a box of tomato only can get the same effect on this juice wo...

1 day 2 cans~ the doctor said.... so... after drink this and will go check again after 1 month, hope it helps. everyone, do tell your parent about this.

May 22, 2009

Nuffnang Surprise

Hey hey, dont get me wrong, i am not talking about the nuffnang events or nuffnang sending me a special email. Is about this~

My blog analytic on nuffnang page, sometime i get shock when i saw this.

click to enlarge

1st, there are 63 unique visitor on 5...AM~!! happy~ But then... what i get shock is, normally my WHOLE DAY unique visitor, is not even over 30+, sometime like this will only happen once in awhile.

Oh well, compare to other famous blog, this number not even close to their "lowest unique visitor". Only small and infamous blog like me will get shock =]

2nd, 70% is from United States~~ oh, no wonder many visitor come at 5am la.... wait, why so many ppl from US? hmm.... super broken english, grammar all wrong, like that also can understand?

3rd, i get a campaigns that the date is 27 ~ 30 December 2009~!! wow, so fast i get the december ads liao wo, haha. okok, this post is not to show off coz i have nothing to show also. Posting this because i am happy to see that my blog is going international~ LOLX


May 20, 2009

Transformer USB Drive

Ah~~ nothing specially nothing happen lately, so long no blog already. Hah. Just to share what i found on internet today.

Tada~ Is a Transformer USB Drive~~

Wow, is kinda "shiok" ler~ This 2GB USB drive can transform into Ravage, a fierce jungle cat(or dog?) Decepticon. Look great.... about the price ma.... cost $42.99~!!! $ o.O

This will be on sale on September, but you can pre order on bigbadtoystore.

Transformer's fans, would you buy it?

May 14, 2009

Tenji Parent's Day Promotion

Yoho~ Tenji is having another promotion~ the parent's day promotion.

And even now lunch period is for RM39.90++ too~ Promotion start from 11 May till 30 June~ Promotion for supper is available daily and lunch is for weekdays only. Lunch from 11.30am to 4pm, total of 4.5 hours, supper from 9.30pm to 12.30am, total of 3 hours. So go eat lunch more worth~ lol.

So~ don't know where to bring your dad to eat during father's day? Call tenji now to make a reservation~ 1700-80-1818, or send sms~ *ps, please tell them if you bring along children also.

I feel like tenji always having promotion 1 ler? the last tenji promotion just end not long ago... right? anyway, i am going to tenji again someday~~ before the promotion end~ haha. bring my parent ofcoz.


May 12, 2009

Taman Pertanian Trip

Aha~ Went to Taman Pertanian/农业公园 with friends few days ago~ They said want to go there relax a bit since they finish pass up their final year project, dissertation. So they call me go also, but is kinda unusual place to relax... haha.

This is the 2nd time i go pertanian, 1st time was there to jungle tracking during secondary school. Oh well, this time is mainly to ride bicycle~

wan lee's bicycle(camera men), kah wai, hui ling, darf, leron, inez, me, joo hieng, wee meng, samantha, e jia and jensen(not yet arrive) = = a total of 12 people~

We arrive at 9.30+am and already full of people there, is not a sunny day, but definitely a hot weather that day. IS HOT THESE FEW WEEK~!! ROAR~

i m that orange fat guy

ok, back to topic, well, what else to say? We rent a bicycle and start riding~ rm3 for old bicycle and rm5 for new bicycle and for every hour cost rm1. Beware, go early and choose a nice bicycle... because we went in late and the bicycle that left was.... very old.

My bicycle's break is very loose and the gear is spoiled.... and most important is~~~~ the cushion~!! I didnt feel any cushion on the seat and no absorber~!! I feel like sitting on the steel bar~ now all of us de butt already "open flower" lo....

The 4 season house(i donno the name) is very nice, because is very colddddd inside, 7°C+ only~ just nice to dry out your cloth and cold down after riding bicycle under the hot sun~ XD


Group picture again


Dont ride so fast, accident do happen

Lost - Season 5

rest station

Frozen 100+

It was a very nice trip, sweat a lot, chat, and... my done my whole month of workout amount~! This month no need do exercise already. haha. Argh, next time go, I sure will bring a small cushion~!!!

May 10, 2009

Facebook's lens flare, Pirate Language

I found out this today. If you using facebook, you have to try this. Login to your facebook, and enter the below code..... is call the Konami Code. Dont do it on the text box.

"↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A ENTER"

And then try scroll your page or type something, you will see some lens flare. Dont worry, refresh the page will make the flare away.

Another thing will be the "pirate" language, select it from the bottom left of the page. And then the language will be using same as the pirate style like this...

Happy Mother's Day

I LOVE YOU MOM~!!!! Happy mothers day~

I never really say that out to my mom before, well... maybe yes when i was still a little child. I believe my last "i love u" or "我爱你" (in cantonese) was 10 years ago. Everytime only say happy mothers day.

But i doesn't mean our relationship is not good, is our family "tradition". We didn't celebrate anything except birthday, and our celebration means, a cake added after dinner. My parent never say happy birthday to us(my bro n sis) before, and you know, no birthday present too.

Oh well, we dont really feel sad or upset, maybe is because we already know its doesn't need a birthday present to show how much my dad n mom loves us. Since today is mothers day and tomorrow is my dad birthday, we probably will be eating out tonight. I usually only will give my mom a cheek kissing, but this time, i gonna add this too.

"mom, i love you, happy mothers day"

btw, is my 100th post. means i love u 100% mom~ lol, so lame.

May 7, 2009

Jusco Member Day - IOI Mall

7 May, jusco member day on IOI mall.... is PACKED with people~~~!

I went to jusco today with my bro, to buy shirt n pants. Sob, so pity ler, only can go buy when there is a 70% discount. Because i am too poor, no money buy more pants, even my friend ask me this went i go out meet them.. "Eh, why u always wear this pants to go out 1 ar" So embarrassing lerrr~~ back to topic.

Feel the aunty powerr~

Is not that much people in jusco compare with last year member day at ioi (maybe H1N1?), but still consider a loooot of people. Nothing much for me, just brought 3 pants.... lol, got pants liao la this time. wuahahah~

Bag happy hour sales

= =' a place that men don't want to get involve.

May 6, 2009


Are you a iPhone super fans that buy any accessories such as cases, dock, headphone? Then you sure have to get this.


LOL, slide to "unlock"

Source and picture from...... Gizmodo~

May 5, 2009


Ouch~ nothing much update lately. So just to share a coming, new game from Wii, is call "Feel".

Feel what? Check the trailer to find out.

I believe that wasn't the frog sound. LOL. This game "Feel" is working in conjunction with Japanese horror director Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge, Ju-On). No wonder got that sound la. hah.

Since its a Wii game, you actually is holding your controller as the flashlight in game. So Feel is the game that you walk around the haunted house with a flashlight..... THATS ALL!!??

May 1, 2009

Swine Flu/ Influenza A (H1N1)

Omg.... until yesterday i only realize this DEADLY and currently NO CURE virus flu that spreading around worldwide. Is call the swine flu, the flu/virus from pig family.

Before i start explaining what Swine Flu is, or how to prevent it, let me explain how SERIOUS its now. SWINE FLU IS PHASE 5 NOW. Sickness, flu and virus is been categorized into 6 levels of warning system, from level 1, the not so serious, to the max, level 6 - pandemic.

Let me remind you, SARS that last for 8 month is only PHASE 3. The report say it swine flu could be as serious as the "Spanish Flu", which occur during 1918/1919 that kill 50~100 MILLION people worldwide.

Swine Flu currently still don't have a direct cure/confirm vaccine to it. I believe they are using the medicine for SARS to treat the infected client.

Actually all these information is from my brother. So what should you do now? i mean what we CAN do is... prevent and prepare for the WORST. Probably lot of people will think is the flu will not spread here because mexico is very far from here.... WRONG. The Flu is in Asia NOW.

Metro Park Hotel in Hong Kong has been quarantined.

Try to avoid crowded places, because swine flu is spread like normal flu human to human- sneeze, conversation.

It can be veryyyyy serious if is reach phase 6, so prepare yourself, go buy mask NOW, because i went to buy mask yesterday and most of them is out of stock... and raised in price too. Buy some food supply and medical supply to store at home.

Haha, we brought this. Very kiasu right? NO, is kia si/ "die"~!! hahahaha~Well, there is still lot more to talk about this flu, but i am too lazy, n i bet u not so interested in this also. haha, so if you want to know more about this Swine Flu or Influenza A (H1N1), please to check wikipedia.

Btw, i believe this is kinda useful on these attack of Swine Flu/ Influenza A.

Dettol Disinfectant Spray

i hope that swine flu is not that 0.1% that cant be kill... LOLX

Always prepare for the worst, go n buy some mask before its run out~! And dont lepak here n there~ take care everyone.


Picture and info from here n there, The Sun newspaper, n my bro = =

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